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Should I go to the doctor?

Hello everyone,

I've been putting off asking this question for a long time now in case of feeling slightly silly, but am finally asking it. For around the past year I have been suffering from, in my opinion, quite severe procrastination. Beyond a year I have been suffering from issues of self confidence, a low self-esteem and what I would describe as a social phobia. Of course this is all in my opinion.

It's started affecting my everyday life to the point it really frustrates me and brings me down. I'll leave things to the very last minute, and when that minute comes i'll feel the pressure and get incredibly worked up about the situation. For example (and please don't think i'm just a student looking for a scape goat) I have my first A-Level tests in one week. I have yet to start fully focusing myself to revise. I just can't seem to do it. I'm targeted A/B in every subject but I have this massive fear of failure that I won't live up to my expectations, and thus don't try to. Now this doesn't only happen in my education. For example my girlfriend gets annoyed at me because I take ages to get ready. It will literally take me hours just to motivate myself to get in the shower and shave. Any projects that I want to personally start, or anything I want to do for a hobby, I never finish. I keep starting them only to lose focus and get distracted with something else. This leads to me having a very low self esteem because I feel like I haven't, and never will, achieve anything. Even things that I want to do good at initially.

This leads me on to my random occurrences of depression where i'll just feel hopeless and good for nothing because i'll keep putting my education off till the last minute and won't achieve my potential. I started making a website, got bored. Started making animations with Flash, lost interest. And i'm a person who's on the computer a significant amount of his time, it's like the only thing i'm good at and yet I can't even keep interested in making a website?

It feels like I just can't find the will and concentration to keep on tasks. My maths teacher advised me that I need to pay more attention in class but my mind just keeps wandering and i'll just say to myself "oh it'll be okay you can just revise it all later". Of course I never do until the last minute. And even then I feel like it's a lost cause.

Whenever I go in to town or any place with people I don't know I feel like i'm being judged by everyone. Everyone I see I think they're thinking negatively about me so it kind of shuts me off from the world. I see my girlfriend often, but I don't see any of my now limited number of friends outside of college.

I've been wanting to go to the doctors to try and get a diagnosis for the last few months but have been putting it off due to thinking that I wouldn't be taken seriously and that they'd just think i'm a lazy. I saw a psychiatrist when I was about 11, and was diagnosed then with taking the small problems in my life and enlarging them and making them overwhelm me. They also said I have a very mild case of autism, but I have no idea if that is fully true. I believe it is time to act and sort my life out, because I can't go on with this mind frame of never completing things and leaving EVERYTHING (including the shower!) till the last minute. I need a second unbiased opinion first from anyone however, just to make sure i'm doing the right thing by going to the doctors.

Thank you for any advice and support and sorry for the length of this question. Perhaps I should have posted it on a forum.

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    I would say yes! go to the doctor. The next you have a problem this serious I would not wait so long to seek medical attention. Things like this will mess up your life but if you catch it early you could say yourself a lot of time effort and less stress

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    You have ADD. No doubt in my mind.

    Go to the Psychiatrist. Your life will be

    amazingly better. Medication is the only

    thing that works.

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  • Have you ever thought that you just don't want to move on after college? Maybe unsure about life after high school and college?

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