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What is the name of the company that used to forge Mizuno's irons, but recently started selling under their...?


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    great answers above. also designs manufactures honma clubs. this company makes a set of irons worth 25,000 dollars. has metals in it never heard of. loft on these irons super strong. was able to purchase set of honma. garage sale. just wanted great bag. offered 5 dollars. was accepted. shocked when found clubs included. along callaways, vintage . powerbuilt woods. honma irons are just to long. this gentleman knows his engerning skills. forgotten unknown legend. three of the greatest irons made. pure genius. tried for putter e bay. not a hope . went over 700 us dollars.

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    To be most accurate.....The gentleman is Katsuhiro Miura..... He is a master craftsman and has made clubs for a variety of companies over the years......due to confidentiality clause's in his contracts he is not allowed to claim the designs as his own......Miura Golf has been in operation for over 40 years now.

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    Miura Golf

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