Do virgos look for more than just a friend with benefits with a scorpio?

For the past few months I have been seeing a virgo man, The same man I dated 13 years ago and dumped. Though our relationship ended we parted on alright terms. Though I tried to keep my distance he had always made it a point to talk to me when he saw me So anyways we hooked back up but we both agreed that we both only wanted a friend with benefits type of relationship. Well the past 7 or 8 times we have gotten together he keeps asking me the same question just in different ways. Which is Could I get attached to him. Each time I have answered him no, that I am not looking for anything more. But no matter how many different ways I tell him this he still continues to ask the same question. So I guess my question to you all would be did he enter this type of relationship with me wanting more but not wanting to admit it until i do? Or is it his way of just keeping tabs to make sure I am not wanting more? For every time we talk about it, it is like talking in circles and I come away more confused then Before. so any insight you may have would be very helpful.


Donald I am sorry to say that I am unaware of the exact day of his birth. If it helps mine is oct 29th

Update 2:

My goal is not to break his heart I have been 100% up front with him from the start and pressed to make sure he could handle the type of relationship we would have even with our past. Which he assured me he could. How ever he is always doing little things that make me question his true feelings, like always bringing up getting attached, or having to kiss me goodbye when we part company, bringing up little details from when we dated before just to see if I remember. I just dont know what to think anymore or how to take it.

Update 3:


Wow what a great answer and very indepth, however I am a little confused. You stated that virgo's dont have meaningless relationships, which tells me he is looking for more than me. But then you said the opposite that if he feels like I am getting attched he will drop me. So How am I suppose to tell which way he is wanting this to go so I do not hurt him, or where I dont loose a good bed buddy. though I am not looking for more at this moment I do care for him.

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    Virgos very rarely enter into any type of relationship without the intentions of a deeper meaning to it...especially a sexual one, but they are good at hiding their feelings and playing the manipulation game as good as you Scorpios. This combination will be like a battle of the minds. Both of you are constantly trying to figure out what the other is thinking. The best way to figure what he is thinking is to know how Virgos work...that they don't have casual relationships! He is constantly asking you the same question because he is trying to find out if you feel the same way about him that he feels about you, but he will not let you know his own feelings until you have revealed yours to him.

    Needless to say, you as a Scorpio will not let him know your feelings either unless he says something first as well, and I suspect that you as a Scorpio have a little bit more feelings for him than you are willing to admit as well.

    There will be a continuous circle until someone owns up to the possibility of attachment, and as the first poster had mentioned, one or both partners to a friendship with benefits almost always end up getting attached.

    If you truly want to keep it unattached, then you doing right by telling him the truth. He still may end up getting hurt, but it will not be something he can't handle because you were honest with him.

    The question is, are you being honest with yourself?

    There is a twist to this though, and this is going to throw you dear Scorpio for a loop. You see, you as a Scorpio pride yourself on being able to read people, but I promise you, you will not be able to read this Virgo as you would almost anyone else.

    It may very well be that, he may truly want to keep you as a just a "friend with benefits" and is asking you the same question over and over because he is afraid that he will hurt you, so he is trying to get your feelings out so that he can make a decision on what needs to be done if YOU get attached. That may be to either let his feelings go and return the favor......or.......drop you like a bad habit!

    You must remember that although you as a Scorpio may be good at hiding your deeper feelings and can ACT indifferent and aloof, a Virgo is not acting, he really is being aloof, but that is only because you are acting/being that way....Virgos are capable of loving intensely and passionately, and are almost always monogamous, but only when they are sure that the feeling is returned. Until they they will keep their feelings at bay.

    Source(s): I have been studying relationships between zodiac signs for many years...and my best friend is a Scorpio, my man is a Virgo, and his ex gf is a Scorpio.
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    I may get thumbs down all day for this, but I don’t care because I’m about to give you some real talk:

    I am a Scorpio too, and had a similar issue with a Virgo friend. Every time we hooked up, he started talking that “can we be more than friends with benefits” madness. And like your guy, he would ask the same question over and over again, but in different ways. Finally, I just had to cut him off. It really hurt me to do that but he left me no choice. I cared about him dearly, but he just didn’t get it; eventhough in the beginning he said he could handle it. After a while, I felt like a nagging wife, and if you ever have to start b*tching at a person to get your point across, it’s time to cut your losses and move on! I speak from experience, trust me on this….

    Virgos can be infuriating, especially once sex is involved. So, you may just have to cut him off. He’s not gonna change (although he will expect you to) and he will always be self-absorbed, and think of his own feelings before anyone else’s (although he will expect you to be there to listen to him complain) if he can keep you hanging on a string, he will. He will tell you that he won’t mention it anymore, but he will. He’s not above manipulative tactics to keep you in his life.

    Just know you deserve more than the drama he brings and do what’s best for YOU

    Source(s): Double Scorpio :-)
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    This sounds more off topic of Horoscopes. However, I get your drift.

    First off Scorpios are amazing in bed! Im a Leo and I have 2-3 litte scorpions i admire!

    Anyhow, This Virgo your dating is unusually attracted to you. Most Virgos I know tend to cut things off well once you turn them down one time really hard.

    Perhaps, you need to turn him down to the fullest.

    On the reality side of things. He may very well want a relationship and he may be trying to keep whatever he has of you in his life. So to him he thinks it can only get better.

    To you it means I only want a F*** buddie or someone to be there when your lonely. :) You guys obviously without question have different ideas about your friends with benifet deal.

    Anyhow, Let it go completely if hes not holding up to his end of the bargin...

    You don't want to break your poor Virgos heart once he finds out you moved on and can't be friends with benifets anymore. You may lose him as a friend if that happens....

    If he can learn to only gain the benifet part of the deal then keep him around.

    Be good! ^ . ^

    Source(s): Add your birthdays and get an account on its free and really cool when you get to put your B-days together.
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    Natalie, I love your question. There is an aspect that will cause this kind of relationship. With more information I will be able to tell if you have formed this aspect with him. All I need is your birth dates. Since you know he's going to ask again you might want to prepare an answer for him.

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    that is why friends with benefits rarely works. Someone always gets attached. Hes asking you if you could ever get attached to him as an approval to himself to get attached to you again. But it sounds like hes already started getting attached to you. I would say if you have no real interest in anything else with him.. then cut the sexual ties. You're problably going to hurt him.

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    My best friend is a Scorpio and I really just want to stay friends with benefits with him, and he's the one who wants us to be something more.

    He doesn't press it but when the subject comes up he lets me know his opinion.

    Maybe it's just a guy thing. D;

    Source(s): [[Virgo]]
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