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How safe is flying on a plane?

I'm really excited to go on my vacation to mexico over christmas the only thing that's really bothering me is the plane ride there. It's about 5 hours and I have so many fears (Terrorist attack, engine failure etc.) is flying that safe?

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    Well I don't think your replies are completely accurate. There were two jet crashes this year in my city over on the mountains. There was also a main crash near our airport, that crashed into a apartment, and the apartment calapsed. This was in 2008 in Vancouver, Canada.

    So for whoever is going to reply with 1, in so and so is the chance your going to end up on a plane that crashes, is wrong. It can happen at anytime. Most pilots these days are professional, with good equipments, so there shouldn't be any worries. But please dont say it's uncommon - for those people that are going to reply.

    Couple years back, I was about to get on a plane, and they just announced that, they needed to fix the engine; and that we will be delayed. That just comes to show, that these things do happen. However, it was fixed, no problems what so ever. It was a 12 hour flight.

    Not trying to scare you or anything! You shouldn't worry, celebrities fly all the time

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    As per statics, flying is safer than road travel.

    Terrorist attack is not very easy these days with enhanced security at airports and the aircraft

    Modern aircrafts r very reliable, there r nearly zero engine failures, and even in the most likely event of an engine failure, there is another engine which can control and land the aircraft safely.

    Consider yourself lucky to get a plane ride, and enjoy your flight

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    It is not so hard on answering your question: The only times that I hate it on a plane is when we are taking off and land. Because that is when the nose is higher/lower then the belly. But if you like riding a roller coaster then you will love that part. As for the other times, it is so amazing, you can hardly tell that you are in the sky. Yes you are going much faster then you are in a car but you are getting to where you need to be sooner and with less stops. Just take you a book or a crossword puzzle to do on the plane to help get your mind off of things. Relax you will be fine.

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    well according to statistics, the most dangerous part of air travel is in the car to the airport!

    bad things do cross my mind when I board an aircraft, and I love flying. You will find that once you start to level out and cruse, you will be fine. You should get served lunch, dinner what ever, get some entertainment and its fun when you first fly.

    Frequent fliers only hate the queues at the airports.

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    Below is an excerpt from the source listed at the bottom. The whole article is rather interesting.


    Barnett, judges the actual risk of one person being involved in a fatal airline accident, to be once every 19,000 years, provided he flew on an airliner once each day of those 19,000 years. He bases that estimate on what actually happened in the domestic U.S., during the 1990s.

    Trevison (ctrevison@news.oregonian.com) also notes that:

    " Measured in deaths per mile, American commercial airline flights are 22 times safer than car travel. More people die in three months of traffic accidents than in 40 years on commercial jets. More Americans die each year falling from ladders, drowning in bathtubs and freezing to death than by flying."


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    According to my feeling,

    Im always afraid of flying...disruptive passengers, Hijack and engine problem during crusing and etc.

    i may paranoid too much.....

    But 1 yr of flying as a crew...nothing happened yet.

    so, Have a safe flight

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    There hasen't been a US commercial plane death in years. There are thousands of flights a year. The chances you being in a wreck is more than 1 in 50000

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