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A Blind man turned away from Indian restaurant ?

A blind man was allegedly turned away from an Indian restaurant - because the owner said it was against his Muslim beliefs to allow dogs into his establishment.

The Disability Discrimination Act, has made it unlawful since 1996 for restaurants to refuse to serve a disabled person - including blind people with guide dogs.

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    Sounds like a typical day in the mind of a muslim...

    I mean, why the hell should a Muslim have to follow UK laws? They only live here after all.

    Rules apply to natives only, unless it comes to claiming benefits for their 12 children and stay at home mother and all their elderly relatives...

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    I "see" your point.

    I have been fitted with bionic lenses on thw good old NHS.

    But while they, and I were getting used to them, I took the little Jack Russel for a toddle around to the nearby Chinoise take-away for an easy meal.

    Gods, The dog was banned, I was banned for not being able at the time to read tha menu.

    I tried to explain, but ended up saying "sod you" I will go elsewhere.

    Gods, again, a temporarily blind bloke, with a pet that knows the way, and I am banished .

    I shall go in, once these eyballs have settled into place,order a meal for 12, and walk away, as apparantly I cannot find my credit card without the dog.

    Oh I type this with new eyeballs


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    The member of staff said he refused the man entry not because of any religious discrimination but for hygiene reasons, implying that a dog isn't hygienic.

    Regardless of their reasons, his action was an offence under the Disability Discrimination Act.

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    this should not be allowed no matter what religion they are, if the restaurant owner was to check is liecence for working for the public he should not be able to refuse a blind man and is dog unless he has a doctor's letter saying he is allegic to animals but he is getting away with this because he is muslim and the council should take is liecence away

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    What happened to the blind gut wasn't nice, but not all Muslim people are like that.

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    There was an England once. Now it is just a sad shadow of it's former greatness. Kowtowing to whiny Muslims, allowing them to incrementally usurp your own legal system with theirs, all because you "dare not offend."

    Sad and pathetic, and I see my country heading in the same direction.

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    If it's store policy not to let dogs in, his card is worth nothing.

    He's not discriminating against the disability. He's discriminating against animals. Which is perfectly legal.

    It's like the no shirt, no shoes, no service policy. If I'm blind, and not wearing a shirt, it doesn't mean I get special privileges to go in anyway.

    More over, what's your question?

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    How sad and pathetic.

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    And your question is?

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