2004 Smart Roadster with headlight problems!?

I've had my Smart roadster from new and have had to replace the headlight bulbs 9 times so far! Last time was in August and one of them has blown again! I replace both every time and its never the same one twice! Why would it do this? Its becoming very expensive! I had it checked whilst it was still under warranty and they said all the Electrics were ok and it would probably settle down! It hasn't and seems to be getting worse! Any ideas people? Preferably cheap ideas!


I have the specialist in Halfords replace the bulbs as they are very fiddly to get to! They have always used gloves.

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    Check the voltage regulator and make up some new grounds for the headlight system.

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    Smart Roadster Problems

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    Are you replacing the bulbs yourself? If you are and you are touching the glass, that could be the cause of the early failures. Skin oils on halogen bulbs can cause them to fail prematurely.

    Source(s): I own an auto repair shop in San Diego, CA http://www.griffinsautorepair.com
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    when you put the bulbs in you know that the oils on youre fingers will make them blow use gloves next time the only other thing is make sure there is no way for them to get wet the oring is still in place?

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