Just a curious question, but is it possible to use human dung as compost?

It's just a curious question, I swear. >.>

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    Since anything that was once alive or has been consumed by something that was once alive (or is still living) can be used as compost, the broad answer is yes.

    Human and pet dung can be used as compost (or composted).

    The problem is if you use a ‘cold’ composting method and there is no heat to kill possible pathogens, the compost should not be used on edible crops – since things like e.coli, salmonella and toxoplasmosis (to name a few) would remain alive in the compost and become part of the vascular system of the edible plants.

    Use the unmentionable (human/pet) compost strictly on ornamental plants and use the compost made of vegetarian dung (either ‘cold’ or ‘heat’ processed) for your edible crops.


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    Sure. And has been used for thousands of years. Same approximate value as any other dung for fertilizer. Until Shanghai China got a sewer system sometime in the 1970s every adult that was physically capable was required to transport about a ton of human waste into the surrounding countryside each year for the fields. With over a million people and no sewers they had a lot of crap, which is commonly called night soil also.

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    I agree with FeralSpirit, & recommend reading:

    Gardening the Organic Way

    - How Does Your Garden Grow? (compost)

    - Toads, Birds, and Bugs--Your Garden's Friends

    - Plants and Pest Control


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    There are some books on the subject. It can be done. I can't attest to the quality of the compost, however. I would probably not want to use this on my vegetable garden, but it could be useful in non-edible plants.

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    No, because compost we use in our gardens is made up of vegetation and human dung has fatty and meat products in it which doesn't compost like vegetation. We use animal dung because they only eat grasses, oats, etc.

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    only if the human is a vegetarian

    omnivours make the best compost

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    Many cultures do use it, but in the cases that I know then the resulting plants if ate will always be cooked.

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