With pubs closing at a rate of 36 a week does it make sense to turn away customers?

A 15-strong group, a mixture of middle-aged women and their daughters, had enjoyed a meal together before wandering over to the Courtyard Bar in Leeds.

As soon as they reached the doorway they were told they could only go inside if they were 35 or younger.


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    1 decade ago
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    This happened to me in Leeds a few years ago.

    Some places are trying to attract teenagers as they have by far the highest disposable incomes and drink like idiots ( Sorry but its statistically true, I am not saying it apples to all teenagers)

    This story is ironic as we now know that at least 5000 security staff licenced this year are actually illegal immigrants.

    Check out Tory MP arrest story if you dont believe me.

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    1 decade ago

    No, it doesn't make sense but, more importantly, it's discrimination against middle-aged people and it should not be allowed. If they had turned people away on the basis of colour, religion or sexuality there would have been an outcry, so why should they get away with this?

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    i had the same problem a few years back,but don't blame the bouncers they are only following orders.i asked to see the manager but when they phoned him he was to busy to come down.i was going to get in touch with age discrimination,but later thought sod them they don't deserve are custom

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    bouncers are a pack of WANKS!!

    the worst line has to be..regulars only tonight, WTF if im not aloud in how can i become a regular??

    there arrogant bastids in my opinion!

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    1 decade ago

    That is daft!

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