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How do I create a txt file from a Microsoft wps file?

I have to post some files I created on my Microsoft word processor. These files have ".wps" at the end of the file name. The site where these files are to be received must be "pdf", "doc", "txt", or "jpg" files.

How do I change my wps files to one of these?

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    All you need to know about wps files and how to convert them to .doc etc. and all for free


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    Either go to SAVE AS and scroll down to Save as Text if the option is available or "Save as Word " format. If you do not have either one of these options, then you could copy /paste in Wordpad and save. The file will be as .txt

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    Even better, you can save as .doc files (MS Word format) and keep whatever formatting you have. .txt files have no formatting.

    Hope that helps.

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