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most ppl said that size,strength doesnt matters in fight..but why is there weight category in MMA competition?

most ppl think that small guys can take on bigger boys with their speed?how true is that?any videos links to prove it?


well if both fighters are different weight classes but still have the mass,big muscles or even big bone structure..its still about person like bruce lee(skinny/underweight) or jet li (small frame)how do they survive in real fight with eg,couture,tito,brock lesnar etc?

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    There's a saying in boxing: a good big man will beat a good little man. Some smaller fighters had success in early MMA events because their opponents didn't know anything about how to fight on the ground. These days, there's a much closer equilibrium of skill, and without weight classes, even very good fighters such as Urijah Faber, Kid Yamamoto, BJ Penn, and Georges St-Pierre would eventually get overwhelmed by bigger opponents who could use their size to negate any superior technical skill those fighters possessed. However, you could still put a very skilled fighter (such as Penn) against a larger, unskilled fighter (say... Kimbo), and the smaller fighter would out-skill him. But these days, the combination of skill, size, and conditioning makes most mismatches a bad idea for the smaller fighter.

    BTW, if fighters have the same "mass", then by definition they're the same weight.

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    When the UFC started it was a pure MMA sport.

    Just like K-1, and Dream in Asia.

    But when the loud mouth Dana White and his crew purchased the UFC and turned it into the UCRAPPERC they were more focused on profit. Therefore tried to make the fake MMA look real by installing weight classes.

    And if you are an enthusaist of MMA you'll know it is not the size of the man, or the skill, but the inteligence, and the ability to advantage of an opening.

    Fedor defeated Choi, Hong Man (The Korean Giant) by an arm bar.

    But the gaint gave Fedor a good beating until that opening.

    Butterbean MMA record of 10-6 (most wins were by KO)

    Bruce Lee is an amazing athelete and the founder of Jeet Kun Do, and stated, and proved that he could beat any man in 60 seconds or less.

    However with Jet Li, skill similar a strong firm gripe around the throat and combination strikes to the face, Jet Li will fall

    Couture, I think he is too old, and was never that great.

    Brock Lesnar, leg sweeps, and more leg sweeps, and run a little, followed by more leg sweeps, maybe someone has a chance because Brock will be off balance. But if Brock gets his mit on you, you're done.

    Therefore inteligence is the key in a fight.

    And the UCRAPPERC is a fake style of MMA

    watch real MMA like Dream, or K-1, or even King of the Cage

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    Of course size matters!

    The saying "Size doesn't matter" is just one of martial arts best selling tools and also serves as a mystery producing device. If size didn't matter would we even have martial arts? Would we have weapons? Someone smaller can of course beat some one larger but even so, mass x speed = pain. The only way to compensate for strength is with speed and or attacking the body's weak points, eyes, pressure points, and so on which would be using martial techniques. Training to fight increases your odds of survival it never guarantees them and size or even reach is a "big" part of the odds stacked against you in any fight. You can't fight a 6 ft.400 Lb. pound man the way you would fight a 5 ft. 100 Lb. stick boy.

    Size matters! Anyone who says different needs to get over themselves.

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    Could the toughest toy poodle beat a run-of-the-mill pitbull? No.

    Weight grounds a person so that they not only strike with more authority but also can toss someone around more easily. It aids the person's balance and leverage. Also, a thicker person could withstand hits from a smaller person. If a bat hits the lighter ball, which goes flying? The ball.

    Watch boxing. The flyweights hit each other hundreds of times without a knockout, but the heavyweight can sometimes knock each other out with one punch. A flyweight would never be able to do that to a heavyweight, but a heavyweight surely could to a flyweight.

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    Well, what a lot of people miss is that many techniques designed to help a smaller person defeat a larger person (pressure points, wrist locks, ect.) are not allowed in MMA. Instead, weight classes are needed in almost any sport art because without these techniques, the smaller person, unless they are much more skilled than the larger person, will likely lose because MMA focuses more on the direct, powerful approach that favors larger fighters.

    An art must be adapted to fit an individuals size, shape and disposition or he will feel out of place and he will be at a disadvantage.

    Source(s): Instructor of Kenjutsu Martial arts for 18 years
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    Most people just talk. It is easy to talk than to fight. Weight does matter. A heavyweight can take a light weight blow but a light weight can not take a heavyweight blow. I enjoy Bruce Lee and Jet Li movies alot, I have a full collection of them but unlike most of their fan, I don't worship them. They are martial artists who became actors but they are not full contact fighters. In my dojo, the full contact fighters can always beat the form artists. The full contact fighters know few moves but they are powerful, the guy who compete in form have perfect balance, flexibility, and form but they are no match for the full contact fighters. Why? because they can not take the punishment. Bruce Lee and Jet Li would get killed by Couture in a real fight. Jet Li said that himself in one of his earlier interview.

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    That saying is talking specifically about skill.

    The more skilled person generally wins a fight.

    If you have two equally skilled opponents then it falls to other advantages.

    Generally there are attributes for effectiveness in fighter.

    Opinions vary on their importance but in no particular order they are.

    1. Skill (actual technique and it's application)

    2. Strength

    3. Speed

    4. Experience

    5. Agility

    6. Reach

    7. Mass

    In any given case a person any of these attributes can overcome another.

    Tim Silvia had mass, reach, and Randy Couture.

    Randy had skill, experience over Tim.

    Randy won...

    In any given fight a person who knows how to use his best attributes to his greatest advantage generally wins.

    There is a weight category in MMA strictly as a means of getting it sanctioned and becoming a legitimate sport, instead of a underground unsanctioned blood sport that was quickly becoming outlawed. They took steps towards making it more legitimate, as such they got better fighters and more legitimate athletes and a larger fan base.

    There are fighters who use their speed and explosiveness to beat fighters bigger than themselves. Brandon Vera used to be a great example of that. Fedor Emelianenko is a prime example.

    There are guys who use their skill and technique to overcome bigger fighters, Royce Gracie, Randy Couture, etc.

    Bruce Lee was very cut, but hardly skinny and underweight. He was slim and sleek.

    His "survival" is up for debate, considering both of those guys are primarily movie stars and not professional fighters.

    While there is a lot of undying devotion and affection for Bruce Lee, the truth is he never fought professionally. He was a great Martial Artist but did not compete or fight professionally.

    Jet Li was a forms champion, he didn't in San Shou or any contact Martial Arts. He is also a great movie star and able to do a great many impressive feats and stunts.

    However these guys would not do well against professional fighters. Jet Li said so himself on meeting the UFC fighters during his movie Cradle 2 the Grave. I lack the paitence to find the article but it was referenced several times in interviews all of which he states that he would never want to fight those guys for real.

    But that is not say someone of that nature couldn't do well.

    A much smaller skilled person could easily submit Brock Lesnar (which a smaller Randy Couture could indeed do). There are Japanese fighters who take out much larger opponents all the time.

    Referencing just Bruce Lee and Jet Li really is a disservice to mentioning smaller guys being pitted against professional fighters. You could mention much more realistic ideas such as smaller professional fighters taking on larger ones.

    BJ Penn who naturally weighs close to 155lbs has fought all the way into the 205lbs range, and beaten many guys much larger than him.

    I would argue that likely Urijah Faber, BJ Penn, Georges St. Pierre and Anderson Silva, all guys much smaller than Brock Lesnar would stand a pretty reasonable chance of beating him.

    But actors vs. Pro fighters... pretty much always going to be a pro fighter who wins. Even if they are truly great Martial Artists like Bruce Lee.

    That is just my take on the matter.

    Source(s): 20+years Martial Arts.
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    Size and strength matters and they must be considered in a fight. In MMA if a heavyweight guy fight against a featherweight guy, the featherweight virtually has no chance of winning unless he is really good in MMA. If you are big and strong it means that your opponent will have a hard time trying to knock you down especially for somebody who is smaller and less strong than you. Strength can help you launch powerful attacks.

    Smaller fighters can win because of their skill and experience. They may not be the strongest fighter but they know how to strike and what to strike.

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    Size and strength matter. A smaller guy is usually way more physically fit. So when it comes to a fight that lasts awhile, its who ever is more in shape that wins...its a lot easier to take someone down thats really tired ~.^

    They have weight classes to try to evenly match the fighters. Its more of an even fight with people who weigh the same.


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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    No, because there a lot of women who think size does matter. Also.... I think its more of a comparison thing between men. Like if a woman has small breasts and her man says he likes small breasts; but yet she would like them to be bigger anyway (because comparatively she is jealous of bigger breasted women). So likewise, guys compare themselves to other guys and it really doesn't matter what women think. It really comes down to self perception. What most people don't believe is that the brain is the biggest and most important sex organ. If your mind is not in it, its not half as good. I am more satisfied being with a great guy whom I love than a guy with a big d*ck and good looks. Of course to have a great guy that I love AND has a fabulous physique would be nice but I'm not holding my breath for a miracle. lol

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