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If McCain had won the Republican convention on 2000 instead of George Bush.....?

then had gone on to become the president of the United States, how do you think that last 8 years would have been different?

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    McCain would not have won. The Republican National Committee would not have allowed it. They had their man in George Bush and were going o everything they could to make sure that he got elected. They saw Bush as their guy to go up against Al Gore in the general election. They knew that they could manipulate Bush if he got into office where McCain was a wild card.

    As for this election, McCain has done everything he could to kiss up to the Republican Committee to get the nomination. With the Republican showing look glum in this coming election, the committee decided that they needed a fall guy. McCain is simply a sacrificial lamb for this election. If he wins, great. He has done everything and said everything to keep him in their pocket. If he loses, then no big loss for the RNC as the field was weak and public standing for the Republicans was weak.

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    My grandmother used to say "if wishes were horses, then beggars would ride."

    One can suppose and project, but the facts would suggest that it was impossible for McCain to win the 2000 nomination or the election, because the Bush family's plan for America required GWB to be President for the demolition of the World Trade Center and the subsequent evisceration of the Constitution to take place without a serious investigation ever being undertaken. McCain's shattered psyche could be programmed to play the part woodenly, but there is always the chance that his core morality might rear up and lead him to spill the beans, and let's face it: he didn't have the cojones to handle being a POW without cracking, so how could he be trusted to preside over murdering 3,000 innocent American citizens?

    The timetable for the 9-11 attacks was set long before the 2000 elections, and required the kind of collusion that only sons and brothers (or brothers under the skin, as the bonesmen say) could provide.

    Considering the hands-on experience George Bush senior got in covertly toppling democratically-elected governments in Central and South America while leading the CIA, and his savvy at running drugs, WMDs, and hostages worldwide, GHWB most likely was instrumental in masterminding the attacks. To get NORAD to stand down and the FBI to pull all direct photographic and video evidence and look the other way while the crime scenes were sanitized, he had to have the Commander in Chief completely under his control. Having his old Secretary of State installed as Veep was also important, but didn't provide complete command of the both the military and the internal and external federal police. Being able to position the POTUS safely in a photo-op in a state controlled by son Jeb, thousands of miles away from the action when it all went down was another plus, but only fully controllable if the governor and the president were both his sons. The ace in the hole, however, was that GWB's brother Marvin headed Securecom, the company running the WTC's security up until 9-11-2001.

    So, one might as well ask, "if we were all pink fairies, dancing the watusi on the head of a ping pong ball, would dogs still bark at night?" because the events of the early 21st century went off just as all the careful planning and planting leading up to it suggested it would.

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    It would have been no different because we would have heard the same bitching and moaning from democrats about how bad everything is which is funny because when comparing the current economic situation we have to say how many jobs we lost since before 06. This tells me that things must not have been that bad if we had more jobs then.

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    it could have been a much better past 8 years. i supported al gore, al gore could have been a really good president. but i'm voting for mccain this time, because i know mccain is a great man. mccain have a life long experience that he can bring to the table.

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    No difference no matter who would of been there, the Democrats already had everything screwed up.

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