limewire is stuck "starting connection"?

I have working wireless internet, and i've tried turning my firewalls off, but still limewire is stuck with its connection saying "connecting to the internet." I've tried leaving it for long periods of time but it still wont connect. What do i need to do?

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    OH MY GOD DON'T USE LIMEWIRE. 30% of the things on limewire have some sort of virus, spyware, or keylogger. download utorrent. go to and TORRENT. faster. safer. better.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I had that same problem with limewire. I got so fed up I took it off my computer and installed frostwire. As with limewire you always have to be careful what it is you're downloading. I just go for the music and have never had any trouble.

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    Try unpluging your modem or turning it off for at least 30 seconds!

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