I need some serious help in my computer and technology class!! IMPORTANT PLEASE HELP!!?

I need to know some computer related technology... im a ninth grader so please at least be in ninth grade or higher..?

and if you have any direct links i would certainly love it if you posted some.

Okay i need to make a time line for technological advances in computer related technology from the 1970's to now.

to put it simply i need some kind of computer related technology that has changed from the 1970's to now.. i was thinkin of doing computers but a lot of people are doing that and i dont want to be to original. i was also thinkin of doing it on space shuttles or satellites but they both seem extremely difficult.

so can someone please give me some ideas and maybe a site i can go to that will give me some information like i said i have to present it on a time line so if there are exact dates or at least yearly dates that would be extremely helpful. thanks. :D

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    Intel Corporation, the world's largest producer of microprocessors, achieved from 1972 to the present day. If you're like me, you may not understand what difference between the speed of a Megahertz (MHz) and a Gigahertz (GHz) represents. All you really need to know is speed comparison. Basic math will tell you 200 MHz is ten times the speed of 20 MHz, and 1 GHz is simply equally to 1000 MHz.

    Timeline of Microprocessors

    April 1972

    Name of Processor: 8008

    Clock speed: 200 kilohertz

    Number of transistors: 3,500

    December 1974

    Name of Processor: 8080

    Clock speed: 2 MHz

    Number of transistors: 6,000

    August 1976

    Name of Processor: 8085

    Clock speed: 5 MHz

    Number of transistors: 6,500

    September 1978

    Name of Processor: 8086

    Clock speed: 10 MHz

    Number of transistors: 29,000

    February 1982

    Name of Processor: 286

    Clock speed: 12 MHz

    Number of transistors: 134,000

    see link below for rest of timeline and info...... all is there

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