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Has anyone ever had a kidney infection?

if so, what were your symptoms? were they all of a sudden or did they come on gradually? how was it treated? what did you do for the pain? i think i might have a kidney infection, but i am reluctant to go see a dr. if it is just a pulled muscle in my back. i don't really have any other symptoms other than nausea, and pain in my left side, kinda towards the back in the rib area. i think that dr. or medical people call it "flank" pain. my husband says that i should go to the E.R.. but that costs alot of money. advice plz!!

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    sounds like possible kidney stone(s). I've had them, and if you think the pain is bad now, wait until it passes down through the ureter tube! OMG....yes definately go the doctor, they may prescribe an ultrasound which will also help with breaking down the stone into smaller pieces to pass a little bit "easier". I thought mine was my sciatica nerve acting up and I kept putting heat on it, which only made an infection more possilbe. Do yourself a BIG favor and call the dr. and make that appt. ASAP! Good Luck!

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    Usually when you have a kidney infection you have fever (can be quite high), pain in the "loin" (lower part of back and sides between the ribs and pelvis). If you tap on that area with your fist it causes excruciating pain - makes you flinch.

    You can see traces of blood in your urine. Your urine can become cloudy, smell aweful, and you can have increased frequency (pee small amounts much more often).

    Nausea and vomiting is usually a common symptom. But pain can also cause nausea.

    In terms of how sudden it comes on, everybody is different but it generally comes on gradually (depending on where the infection comes from).

    A muscle strain in the back can cause pain. It usually comes on suddenly after something like picking up a heavy object (you can pull a muscle without knowing though). Pain meds like Tylenol would help with the pain, along with heat pads or "topical" medication like Ben-gay. It usually disappears after 2-3 days.

    If you wanna wait it out for 2-3 days it's your decision, but if you have the above symptoms, it's more likely that you have an infection. It can be quite serious if not treated though.

    Your hubby is correct. Your health, comfort, and especially your kidneys are more important than money.

    All the best.

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    Symptoms of Kidney infection (pyelonephritis)

    Flank pain or back pain

    Severe abdominal pain (occurs occasionally)


    Higher than 102 degrees Fahrenheit

    Persists for more than 2 days

    Chills with shaking

    Warm skin

    Flushed or reddened skin

    Moist skin (diaphoresis)

    Vomiting, nausea


    General ill feeling

    Urination, painful

    Increased urinary frequency or urgency

    Need to urinate at night (nocturia)

    Cloudy or abnormal urine color

    Blood in the urine

    Foul or strong urine odor

    Mental changes or confusion *

    * Sometimes in the elderly, mental changes or confusion are the only signs of a urinary tract infection.

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    I couldn't just sit around and do nothing like my doctors suggested.

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  • Force yourself to drink a big bottle of Cranberry Juice...Sugar-free if your diabetic,! as much as you can drink at a time or in a short time span....and water or teaws(de-caffinated) if u must !

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    u got kidney stone, it was painful, i'm done with that.

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    try that it's very helpful good luck

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