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Which of the four finalist cities do you think should host the 2016 Olympic Games?

Rio de Janiero, Brazil

Chicago, USA

Madrid, Spain

Tokyo, Japan

Even though I'm American, I think Rio would make for the most interesting games (though it's a longshot)

Tokyo and Madrid are the frontrunners. I was born in Chicago and having the games there just doesn't seem interesting.

What would be your choice?

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  • Joy M
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    1 decade ago
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    I think Rio would be a great choice. For one, they have a great culture there and it could be very interesting. They will have to have the infrastructure in place to host it because they will be hosting the FIFA World Cup before then. Also, there has never been an Olympics hosted in South America, so it would also be a milestone.

    I actually would find Chicago fairly interesting, probably because I could be living there at the time. Also, I grew up near South Bend and Notre Dame University has offered up their soccer fields as a potential venue for the soccer competitions. Being a huge Notre Dame fan, I would love to see the university used in such a manner.

    Of the next two, I think Madrid would be a bit more interesting than Tokyo, again because of the culture there.

    I think both Madrid and Tokyo are at a disadvantage given the location of two recent Olympics and that the IOC doesn't tend to keep games on the same continent in multiple game. Europe will have hosted the 2012 Olympics (London), so Madrid could possibly lose because it would mean Europe has two in a row. Tokyo could lose the bid due to the Beijing Olympics having just occurred the year before the final selection is made.

    It will have been 20 years in 2016 since the Olympics occurred in America, which is why I would like to see it be Chicago or Rio.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    This seems to be a hard decision. As a favourite-country personality sort of thing I would vote for Rio de Janitor. There has never been an Olympics hosted in South America before and I believe that they deserve a fair go. China had their opportunity to showcase their culture, so I believe Rio has the potentially to also do so. They could do a whole variety of dances and performances that represents their uniquely historical diverse culture. This can be a great opportunity for Brazil to progress from a developing country 3rd world country to a first world country. For those arguing that Rio will host the Football World Cup (FIFA) I would tell them that soccer and Olympics are not exactly similar. Although the influential Obama family are supporting the Olympics to be hosted in their home city, I feel that the residence of Chicago will not benefit from this. Chicago's committee has proposed constructing an island in their lake. This will harm marine wildlife. As the thrid largest city in the United States it will help stimulate the city's economy by welcoming tourist and also increasing new jobs for the unemployed. The recent Time Magazine Edition has commented that it will only be a short term benefit to the economy. The war of terrorism might bring itself into Obama's home city as Al Qeda is not entirely satisfied with Obamas performance. Osama Bin Ladin has commented in a recent video that Obama's policy is similar to George Bush. Tokyo also desperately needs the Olympic Games to stimulate their economy. Similar to Chicago, it will open jobs and employment in the city. Japan's GDP is in a deficit and China is predicted to overtake Japan by 2010 (next year). The money that enters the economy will help stimulate Tokyo. The money will help Tokyo's electronical and vehicle industry. This will therefore benefit the globe. Japan also has prime top specialist architects that can create the best contemporay style stadiums that will benefit all global tourist. Hygine and safety is also Tokyo's highlight, which will provide all visitors with the cleanest and most secured facility. These are my reasons about supporting Tokyo in its bid to become the host city for the 2016 Olympic Games

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    Rio because we just had Beijing, an asian city host the 2008 olympics, and London, a european city will host the 2012. For variety's sake, that leaves either Chicago or Rio, but then, USA already had hosted the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, so Chicago would be rather uninteresting.

    Madrid, though interesting, would be almost the same as the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. Maybe Tokyo, but we just had asian venue in Beijing this year.

    Rio, for variety's sake.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well as a future Olympian I would say Chicago, because its more convenient, closer for a lot of Olympians and I don't really think Japan or Brazil should hold it, since they have enough going on around that time. Madrid holding it wouldn't be fair to other continents because that would be the second straight Summer Olympic games that Europe holds, so for me it should either be Chicago, my number one choice, and Rio cause the Americas have not held it in quite a long time to me.

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  • Tokyo, Japan

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I think that it would be cool if the games were in Madrid or Rio, because they just had the olympics really close to Japan (Beijing), and you're right, Chicago kinda seems boring. If it was my choice, I would choose Rio :)

  • 1 decade ago

    I vote for Chicago, USA, I've never been to the Olympics, and at least I'd have a chance to go. But Rio would be my second choice. Japan and Spain are my last choices. If it was in Japan, you can count on the same amount of fixed judging events as in China.

  • 1 decade ago

    Previously, there is a rumor that the IOC wants the next one to be in Latin America, so Rio fits the bill. I would like to see it in Rio.

    Tokyo and Madrid are front runners. Out of these two, I like Tokyo.

  • 1 decade ago

    I believe Rio should get the bid. Thast would be the first time the Olympics would be in South America.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    My choice is definitely Chicago, USA.

    Apart from some issues on the Iraq War which killed a few thousand children and civilians, lying about WMDs, human right abuse in Guantanamo Bay, secret foreign prisons, water boarding torture, faking of intel documents, unpopular foreign policies, I think overall US has done the world a lot of good. Unlike China, the U.S has done a lot to help their homeless citizens and Katrina victims. Racial equality for the Blacks, Native Americans, and Latinos is unparalleled. I think the US deserve to host the Olympics again.

    GO USA!

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