plane crashes is it safe to fly ?

we go away every xmas to the canaryilands but now i feel a bit nervous about flying because orv the plane crashes lately do u think that its happening moor often r am i just getting nervous

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    to be honest it happens very little ... imagine how many people die in a car a year, so many more than in a plane. i say a plane is safer than being in a car =) no traffic either hehe!

    you will be fine hun, take an ipod or something or some mags to destract your mind. I'm also petrified of planes but this seems to help me =) x

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    Well this is my theory, think about it.

    Flying is being scrutinized more and more everyday, this cost more money.

    They have to cut corners to make a profit, even now if they charged you just for the fuel and maintenance you wouldn't be able to afford it.

    This is why the government has to bail them out, people need to fly.

    Now the only way they can sort of make money off the books (without the government knowing) is to cut down on actual maintenance, you know like. not replacing a bolt that needs to be replaced every 6 months that has been know and tested to last 9 - 10 months.

    Understand? So that bolts that should be replaced at 6 months wont be, but it will show that it was replace on the maintenance records even if it wasn't.

    But now you have another problem, those that don't know the maintenance records were falsified will never replace the bolt that should have been done 3- 4 months ago.

    I use "bolt" as an example, it could as easily been a tire or a hydraulic pump for the landing gear.

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    you are just getting nervous. Statistically speaking, it is safer to fly a plane than it is to drive a car. The thing is, when hundreds of people get killed in one plane crash once in a while, that's big news. When hundreds of people die on the roads every single day across the world, it's not news because it happens so frequently.

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    It's not nervous babe, its paronoid!! I know about all the plane crashes reacently!! but i can reasure you that its VERY unlikely for you to have a plane have more chance of getting run over!! Try not to worry! nothing will happen. Just think you will be enjoying yourself and being away from the shitty uk :)

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    i think it's normal to feel a bit nervous before a flight, accidents happen but not that often, besides the likelyhood of dying in a car crash is much higher. if we really started thinking about all the dangers, we woud never leave the house. relax with a couple of valium and it will be over before you know it

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    You don't need to worry, did you know that the average plane crash is less then a car accident? The chances are even less then a dog killing you.

    I used to be afraid too!

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    Your just getting nervous, air travel is still the safest form of transportation there is. That is until the molecular transporter gets invented.

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    Hi there,

    everyone one will have that annoying subconscious feeling whether to trust technology these days but honestly you shouldn't let things get to you as its just a coincidence. Things just happen now and again. Go on , have a great holiday and dont worry about it! :D

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    yur probaly just nervous.

    just make sure the person thats flying your plane knows how to fly a plane. lol

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