Why do I see things that look so real sometimes that shouldn't be there when I wake up?

Sometimes when I wake up I see a figure, shadow standing in my room. Other times I carry over what was in my dream into reality. It's not just a vague image. It's something very solid and very real to my eyes. When I will myself to remember it's not there it disappears. I have written light in midair, been tormented by dark figures, seen whisps of light, and even been literally touched by an unseen force. I know this sounds like a drug trip, but I promise no such things ever involved. I've always had a theory what I have is a sleeping or mental disorder. I have been experiencing things like this since I was a child but never knew who to talk to about it. I have woken up in my sleep shaking because I thought there was an earthquake and many, many more odd things. What could this be? On top of all this I will often act out my dreams, such as climbing up the wall as if it were a mountain, spinning my hands in midair as if manipulating small tornadoes, and sometimes falling unconscious after waking up because I've become so frightened or knocked out by a very visible body of energy. I don't think I'm haunted, crazy, or possessed. None of those make sense. This isn't urgent because I'm used to all this. I have experiences like this, sometimes completely away in the middle of the day, about several times a month. It would be nice to have an explanation though.

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  • Chelz
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    Congradulations, you probably have Sleep Paralysis just like me. And also Mary Shelley, which is pretty cool.

    It's a condition that 75% of people will experience but <2% will have recurring episodes of.

    SP is like the opposite of sleep walking - when sleep walking, your brain has trouble shutting off the body while you sleep, but in SP your brain paralyzes your body too soon before sleep or forgets to restart it once you wake up. Since your brain is in sleep mode, it also turns on the little part that creates dreams which creates hypogognic hallucinations, what you have been seeing. They seem real because your dreams are generally realistic and your mind is blending both your perception of the actual world around you and the fake things it is generating.

    I generally use it to transition to lucid dreaming - being fully aware of the fact that you are in a dream and being able to control it - since I can fall asleep without 'falling asleep' if you understand that.

    I do see similar things - shadowy figures around my bed, I hear people coming out of my closet and feel them sit on my bed behind me, things like that. A little creepy, but if you remember that it's just you mind, you can keep calm.

    It's harmless, but if you want it to stop, I'm sure your doctor can help.

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    Maybe your house is haunted. Can you stay away from you house for a while and see if it still occurs. You may or may not be crazy. Many things happen in this world that don't have a known rational reason for occurring. The easiest way to deal with that type of situation is to call that person crazy. You may have some type of psychic sensitivity and maybe thats why you are seeing these things. Good luck!

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    I've dreamed of some type of creature with 2 legs and when I woke in the middle of the night it was right next to my bed, 5 inches from me..i couldn't see through it .. it was totally so real and scared me so bad I couldn't even scream or cry. I covered my head and just luckily was so tired fell back to sleep. I was about 10 years old at the time.. it hasn't happened but the one time. I can relate, but I don't know what caused it.

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    It appears to me that it's ghosts, like you're a medium between here and the spirit world. The whisps of light are definitely another key to ghosts. And perhaps they're trying to talk to you through your dreams?

    But it appears you don't believe in that stuff, but that's the only thing that I can come up with, that's logical, especially if happens during the middle of the day.

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    i ave never heard of something like this before however i do have some incredibly realistic dreams from time to time and i mean amazingly real like i can smell touch,taste,etc i once had dreams where i was in war and i could feel the sand and the shrapnel from the grenades touch my face when they blew up and other times i could imagine myself being kidnapped and so on in my opinion i just think that its simply amazing that the human brain can produce such realistic images and projections and yet we have never expirienced them before

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    It might be night terrors, it's a clinical condition that can be very terrifying. I would suggest talking to a dr./therapist if you can to see what they can do to help you. If it's during the day too though, then you may have some kind of sixth sense into the spirit world, or not to scare you, but you could be schizophrenic. Please seek help. Good luck!

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    First step is see a psychologist of psychiatrist. It sounds like it could be anything from dementia to schizophrenia.

    Good luck.

  • Anonymous
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    It sounds a lot like sleep paralysis. I've had it happen to me, though not nearly as bad as you.

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    You need to see a mental health professional. Sounds like schizophrenia.

  • maybe you should of asked this in the mental disorders section. This does not pertain to Religion & spirituality. You need help man.

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