how do i quickly lose weight?!?

well im extremly serious about losing weight im 13 and im not over wieght for my age and i never have been i have a body fat percentage of 21% i have tried starvation and 6 meals a day diet but they dont seem to be vary effective im pretty tall and i mostly want a six pack and nice chests shoulders and arms and im also doing exersises for my neck to extend it.since starvation and he 6 meals a day dont work i thought i should combine one day eat nothing at all and exersise a whole lot and the next day i eat 6 snacks through the day 1 every 3-4 hours and the next day starvation..etc the body dosent actually go into starvation mode into after 24 hours of no food intake,starvation mostly is lost on mussles and water but after 24 hours do you think this would work,any ideas?or workouts i could do because im tired of the same workouts and they dont burn anymore because my body is getting use to them

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    1 decade ago
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    East six small measl throutout the day rather then thee big ones....dont east after 6 pm ,,,,,,,and drink losts of water ....and NO juice or caffine then exersise with Jack

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