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Do Christian need persecution to validate their beliefs since logic fails them in such a consistent manner?

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    No, logically the Universe was created for 2 reasons. Scientists have discovered that the Universe is not eternal but began around 14 billion years ago in the Big Bang. Since the Universe had a beginning, there must have been a first cause which exists above time and space and must have always existed. Even if the Universe was to come about on it's own, something which comes about by accident is often in chaos, but our universe is very complex and well organized. Plus, if just 1 of the 70 physical constants were stronger or weaker by less than 1 in 10 to the power of 50, life would not exist. Evolutionists have actually estimated that the chances of life appearing on earth are 1 in 10 to the power of 2 Billion.

    Some atheists try to explain fine-tuning through the theory of multiple universes, however there is no evidence to support this theory and would require a cosmic generator which must be itself finely tuned for life to exist. Because it would require the constants to be perfectly spread out, and the constants themselves must be the result of fine-tuning.

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    Let's sit down over some coffee, and I'll show you just how illogical atheism and evolution really IS. I have answered question after question, giving valid, scientific evidence that contradicts the theory of evolution! I won't bother to do it all here, since that wasn't your question, but the bottom line is that people who don't believe in God, don't believe for one and only one reason - because they don't WANT to believe. That is spiritual and intellectual suicide, and THAT is where logic fails! I'm sorry, but you're so far out in left field, you're not even in the same game any more! But there is insufficient space here to give a fully qualified response, so I have to leave it to all my previous answers to speak for themselves. I could write an entire book, and others HAVE written books, that substantiate and validate the claims of Christianity, such as "Evidence That Demands A Verdict" and "Who Moved The Stone" and "Mere Christianity" among others. But I doubt seriously that you really want Truth, so don't bother reading these books, or your position may fall out from under you and then you would have no more excuses to stand on!

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    First, Christians do not find logic failing.

    Second, Christians do not "need" persecution to validate anything, but unfortunately it exists now in the year 2008, more than ever.

    Third, if you suspect that Christian persecution does not exist, I invite you to speak to any of the Chinese Christians who have been in prison, beaten or had family members killed for possessing Bibles.

    You sound like a smug little whippersnapper who is too big for his

    own britches, and certainly not very knowledgeable about what's going on in the World.

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    Well, I haven't been persecuted, so I guess not.

    Have you?

    I notice there are some Christians in Muslim countries who are basically getting beaten up, sold into slavery and murdered, so that's perhaps worthy of note.

    I mean, why would people commit to a belief system that virtually guarantees a life of hardship and danger unless they had a very compelling reason?

    Obviously, those particular people must feel strongly about their belief system, but I suspect they would rather forego the murder, rape, kidnapping, etc.

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    Might it ever occur to you that calling people illogical is a form of persecution, in that it is verbal harrassment? If Christians suffer from such complexes, it seems hardly kind to feed them.

    Not that I want to make you think, or anything.

    Source(s): Get a hobby. From what I've seen, many of the atheists justify their presence here by their own persecution complexes.
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    No. Logic is why I believe in God.

    Since logic doesn't fail you, then maybe you can explain how we got here......and don't say evolution, because:

    There is no logic behind evolution. Evolution IS a religion, because it lacks scientific evidence, thus requiring it's adherents to follow Darwin's theory by FAITH. Evolution is a RELIGIOUS CREED based upon blind faith. There is not in existence one single piece of scientific evidence which proves that man has evolved upward from animals. It is impossible to prove any theory of origins "scientifically," because the very essence of the scientific method is based upon OBSERVATION and EXPERIMENTATION, and no scientist has ever observed or experimented with the origin of the universe.


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    Speaking for myself, I don't need or want persecution to validate my beliefs.

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    Take an IQ test and see how logical you really are. If it wasn't for Christians we wouldn't have over half of the technology we have today.

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    yeah they do

    it's not real persecution though as they claim to be persecuted when they can't make discriminatory laws or get away with racism and homophobia or peddling lies, bigotry, hatred and intolerance

  • Fear...Religion...they go hand in hand. Using persecution is a warning to other to not go against the flow. I think the persecution has been toned down a lot in the past few decades.

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