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Why is it assumed that when an adult woman molests a minor boy,he wanted it, but when an adult male molests a?

minor female she did not ?

This says she is a victim , but he is not , doesn't it ?

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    Ryde On, didn't you know that women and girls are innocent by virtue of being born female?

    No teenage girl would ever WANT to have sex with an older man, and no adult woman could EVER manipulate a young boy into having a sexual relationship with her.

    Source(s): Sarcasm, of course.
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    The answer I gave to the other question woiuld have been exactly same iof it were the other way around. When a person is technically a minor and they conset (as long as they aren't really young) then no matter what gender it shouldn't be considered rape.

    The age of consent is there to protect the innocent. People mature at different ages so if a girl is 15 and a bloke is 20 and they are having a relationship it's not rape.

    But regarding male minors, some people may assume that it's impossible for a woman to rape a man because a man has to be erect/turned on.

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    How old are the people in question? I tend to associates the term "molest" with children, in which case an adult any gender messes with a child of any gender, they should hauled out back and shot.

    An adult male with a teenage girl, or vise-verse', it's an issue of power, and still illegal...

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    Unfortunately, when it comes to sex, we as a society are still subscribing to an older world view of gender double standard.

    This old world view is that females are the weaker sex, which are demure could possibly be easily swayed through trickery of the male sexual appetite desires. Us females are supposed to be in control of our urges a whole lot better than a male. We can be easily influenced to mistake our show of love in trade for sex when the superior male has cited, "if you love me, then you will show me how much you love me by sleeping with me". Never would us females even consider employing our precious bodies of sex to manipulate a man as that is simply a man's way of thinking. After all, we are the sweeter, milder creature of the two genders. We are beyond sexual manipulation to get what we want, right?

    Of course, with the coming of women's liberation and our way of speaking up for ourselves in how we wish to be a more open sexual creature, it has taken away many of the old society's taboos about our sexual desires and urges. Females are more apt to be sexually advancing than those women of 30 years ago. We are more apt to speak and say what we want from our men and will blatantly pursue it without apology.

    This is spilling into now the new term "cougar" where an older woman no longer worries about society's shaking of the head with a tsk, tsk when she parades her younger conquest as much as 20 years her junior for the world to see. In fact, this woman in praised as being comtemporary cutting edge. A sexual innovator. Along has come a woman being more of a sexual predator with no apologies which has spilled into now older women having not only blurred the lines but at times erased them altogether losing their common sense and taking a victim of minor age.

    Yes, this young man is equally a victim as much as any minor female in the same scenario.

    The problem? Society is still grappling with the knowledge that females are being more sexually open in a predataroy behavior manner and until it does recognize this very problem, minor boys will continue to still be perceived as being simply sexually active pubescent creatures who allowed their hormones get the better of them instead of figuring out a way to control them. After all, women supposedly can get almost any man to sleep with her with just one request vs. a man will have to ask several women before he gets a yes? So why on earth would we want me manipulating a young boy's mind? Although, that is EXACTLY what this older female is doing to this minor male


    I saw an interesting question by one of the posters about what is molest?


    1. To disturb, interfere with, or annoy.

    2. To subject to unwanted or improper sexual activity.

    I think improper sexual activity sums up the definition appropriately regardless of age differences between the two involved parties in question

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    Regardless of the whether the molester is male or female it revolves around the age of the victim that is what really makes the difference.

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    Because the way our society is { hopefully it will change one day) that boys really enjoy and NEED sex so it's not a big deal. THEY NEED SEX LIKE FOOD OR WATER??? And their looked at like they have no self control??? But if a man molest a girl then he's a child molester??? it's always been looked upon in our society that it's ok for men or boys to have sex, but not woman. Perfect example is if a woman goes out and picks up a guy for a one night stand, then shes considered a whore. But if a guy does it then it's ok because he NEEDS it? And it's considered some kind of point for him. I've never understood that kind of thinking?? if the guy is getting laid then chances are he's getting laid by a woman right? So why is she a slut and he's the good guy? It's just the way our society has divided the woman and men from each other. I think ANYBODY who touches a child is SICK in the head!! I don't care what gender they are!!! The other thing that I really hate is that men are looked at like they have NO SELF CONTROL when it comes to sex!! That's crap too!!! It's just more acceptable for him to have sex, so they use that for an excuse. us woman have self control and so don't the men!!1 They need to STOP using that as an excuse when they rape woman!! This society has to change their way of thinking. Hopefully I'll see it change in my day.

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    Adults molesting minors should be held equally accountable regardless of gender. That would include gay and lesbian sexual molestation as well. Anything else is total BS!

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    When dealing with statutory rape....and the elder of the couple is barely over the legal limit. Think you have to look at the young of the two, how he or she is acting, maybe a physiological evaluation.

    In many cases both parties wanted it simple as that. I was "raped' by my boyfriend by these terms back in high school, he was 18 I was 15....but thats bs I wanted it as much as he did.

    If we had gotten busted and someone (like my parents) wanted to press charges I'd fight for him and say it wasnt.

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    The only people I've ever heard make statements like this are MEN, things like "Why didn't we have teachers like that when I was growing up?" I think it's vile to suggest that minor boy would "want it."

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    In accordance to your question and your question as it is stated; yes that would say that she is a victim, and he is not.

    My answer to the in between question is boys represent males, males represent men and men only think about sex; therefore how could they be molested. Hey don't look at me; I'm answering the question as it's phrased. Although; I did answer it inside out.

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