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Help! Is this dog dying?

My friend has a black lab around 7 year old (i think) with a growth in the side of her mouth the size of 2 golf balls

She doesn't have the money to treat that kind of problems so she hasn't taken the dog to the vet at all.

She says the dogs has been having constant diarrhea and isn't eating as much as she used to.

Is this dog dying? Should it be put to sleep?


Thank you to all the concerned people that cared about this dogs condition.

After reading some of these post I felt the need to have to take matters into my own hands. I told her I will help out & be the pooches dogfather. I took the dog to a vet and explained the situation and she gave me a reduced price for helping someone's pet that is in an indigent situation. The dog is scheduled for surgery tomorrow & the Vet says she should be ok for a few more years.

TO THE RUDE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You need to be more understanding.

When she got the dog 9 years ago she had money to take care of it. But after having a brain cancer and loosing everything so far but her life and her dog, Now she has NO money. She lost her job, husband, & house. Her insurance reached their maximum pay out & she has outrageous medical bills.

She loves her dog and was not purposely neglecting it. She just didn't have the thousands its going to take to fix her.

I hope you are never in her shoes!

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    Wow! Some people can be vicious! You're CLEARLY trying to help a friend. Some people that answered your questions were rude and insensitive at best. Tell your friend to call her local spca or try calling a vet in her neighborhood to see if they would let her pay it out. Good luck to your friend.

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    I'm no vet or vet tech but I do suggest your friend bring the dog in. You said that she cant afford it but it is neglect to let an animal be in pain or to be sick without treatment and some states can go after the person for animal cruelty. She could bring the dog to a rescue shelter or pound and surrender the pet and they can find out what is wrong and fix it and put the dog up for adoption, or put the dog down depending on what is wrong. I hope the dog gets some help soon, either way it doesn't sound good.

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    This dog definitely has cancer! If I were you, I'd take the dog to the vet myself, forget whether the friend can afford it. Probably at this point getting the dog euthanized is the best thing for it, as it has become ill to the point where it can't eat enough or control its bowels. I had a dog who died of cancer, although she did get regular checkups from the vet and didn't have large visible tumors. We had to euthanize her. Really, it's the best thing to do, because you don't want to watch your dog (or anyone else's) suffer like that! If your friend can't afford the euthanization, she should talk to the vet. There are sometimes other options, which the vet may know about. But do this sooner rather than later, PLEASE!

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    This dog definitely needs medical care and is probably suffering. Have your *friend* contact a vet and explain the situation. Many vets will take payments. If medical care cannot be provided for the dog then ask the humane society for help. Not providing medical care for adog is the same thing as abuse and punishable by law.

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    Needs to go to vet asap. Could be so many things cant even guess at this point. The diarrhea and not eating is more worriesome than the tumor at this point. There are vets that will bill and take payments out there you just have to find them.

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    She really needs to take the dog to the vet. If she can't afford it, they can usually work out payments or help her find an organization that can help her out.

    Get her to the vet asap - it sounds like tumors and judging by the size, it could be cancerous.

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    Here is a link to the different tumors that affect the mouth. It also could be an abscess from bad teeth that would be much cheaper to treat.


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    Tell this person the dog NEEDS to go to the Vet. They will make payment arrangements with the owner. DON"T let this dog suffer. If your "friend" will not take the dog to the Vet then you do it.

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    This dog needs medical treatment right away. Whether or not it is dying is for the vet to determine. Tell your friend to speak to the vet about payment plans and get this animal some help, as opposed to neglecting it the way that she is.

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    that poor dog needs help. in new york city as well as other cities this is considered as animal cruelity and people are arrested for this vets will work something out with this person but the poor dog needs help now

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