Using Torrents V Limewire

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Is using Torrents safer than using Limewire

I heard Torrents are encrypted making it more difficult to trace
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  • Steve answered 6 years ago
I'd go for the torrent too, just remember whatever you use, scan all your downloads for infection before opening them.
If you right click on the file there should be an option to scan with your anti-virus software.
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  • TrueC answered 6 years ago
    I dont like limewire, as you can get many viruses, if you use mp3 rocket while avast is activated (Avast and Mp3Rocket you can download free of charge) When downloading a song that contains a virus avast lets you know, so delete it straightaway, Mp3 Rocket has the same set out as limewire, good luck!

    Source(s): is antivirus software is similar to limewire
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  • newquay_bear answered 6 years ago
    You don't have to file share at all, just goto slobspalace goto page2 install the download helper then goto page1 and the music and radio link find the song you want click download icon. that easy and no viruses to worry about. It's still free.


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  • answered 6 years ago
    Torrents are safer, downloading videos and programs from limewire are packed with viruses and adware, but music's ok
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  • Jozef M answered 6 years ago
    I didn't understand whether you were talking about privacy or virus threat. In either ways no one will be tracing millions of people sharing files, so you can be assured you will stay anonymous.
    For the virus part none of limewire or torrents have the different amount of viruses, the person that can host junk on limewire can also seed it in torrents.
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  • Robert T answered 6 years ago
    They are both much of a muchness. Both of them are basically the same. Companies that want to track you arnt going to go through the software you use, I don't think. Torrents is probably better. torrents is a website and you use a download program to retrieve the download you want. Just careful of downloading illegal stuff as there are ways to catch illegal downloads. Limewire has a lot of viruses. Torrents give you more of a variety

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  • Rhys L answered 6 years ago
    I use utorrent for some albums and movies quite a lot and its safer than limewire, you can sometimes download viruses off of limewire which is a pain in the @ss
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