FEMA wants immunity. I still want to know why FEMA left so many to fend for themselves?

FEMA left many in a lurch, after Katrina. Trailers sat unused, in Dallas and FEMA had excuses. 3 yrs later, Katrina survivors fight back. The people "lucky" enough to get trailers, are living with formaldehyde fumes and no homes. Caribbean people rebuild immediately, use cinder block and move on. A year later, people have homes and jobs. Maybe not great, but workable. Why do we fund FEMA if they don't do anything, spend millions, maybe billions and make the situation worse?

FEMA doesn't work. We're better off shutting it down and letting people fend for themselves. We can help others recover, but we can't help our own. I think FEMA should be held accountable, what do you think? They had years to plan for a catastrophe and plenty of money. Our government needs to be accountable for our investment, don't you think?


Did Florida get special consideration because the President's brother was involved?

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    Not to mention the Governor and Mayor that failed to ask for help when they needed it. This isn't the first time that FEMA had been called out to an area, but this time so many people had their hands out and asking what the government was going to do to help them. As far as I am concerned, FEMA did everything with in their power to help thes "victims" out.

    There has been plenty of hurricans in Florida, and along the coast and most of those people was able to get things done.

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