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I am 68 years old and have recently taken up weight-lifting again.?

I've been working out three days a week for the past two months. Although I feel good and can see the difference in my body shape, I've noticed that even though I lift to failure, I no longer experience sore muscles like I did when I was young. And my measurements have remained static for that last 30 days. Are there any older lifters out there who could comment on this?

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    You need a good fitness program. Go to this blog and read from the beginning. It will help you. Email Coach A he will setup a customized workout program for you for free. He will get you where you want to be.

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    Hi there, Lynn!

    Congratulations! Well done. Everyone should be doing strength training just like you.

    Do not worry about your measurements, Lynn. Your muscle size is not going to increase very much when you are in your sixties (or beyond) and it will not increase in just 30 days.

    Similarly, do not worry about DOMS (delayed onset muscular soreness). You are probably not getting it because, even though you are doing your best, the poundages you are lifting are not yet very heavy. Two months is not long enough for you to be using weights that are heavy enough to create DOMS. Nonetheless, you have made an excellent start.

    What you should focus on is simply getting stronger. Keep a record and, each time, try your best to add a rep or two or a bit more weight.

    Once you do experience DOMS, in order to permit systemic recovery wait 20 or 48 hours until all DOMS disappear before training again. This means that you will not be able to sustain doing strength training three times a week. Only beginners should be doing strength training that frequently.

    Be sure to focus also on doing the basic exercises, namely, squats, deadlifts, presses, rows, dips, and chins. (Do not go, however, to failure on squats or deadlifts; keep one rep in you.)

    By doing compound exercises, you will be able to increase your poundages and, soon, you will begin experiencing DOMS.

    Keep up the good work, Lynn.

    Train in good health!

    All my best wishes.

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    Congrats! Lynn, on getting back into shape. First of all, developmental plateaus are normal. After 6+ months on your program I predict you'll start being really pleased.

    I, too, am an older gal, age 58, who got back into great shape this past year lifting weights and doing calesthenics (including working up to doing military style pushups), along with some aerobics. I also went back to eating nutritionally dense foods and enough of them to support my lean tissue growth, even as I was losing fat.

    Mostly now I work out just enough to maintain what I've got back, and it's MUCH easier than developing it all over again.

    It's surprising to me that you don't get sore muscles; I do. Try using progressively heavier weights. You don't say you are physically healthy but I am assuming you are.

    I've regained most of my young musculature--although probably not all. Without sex and growth hormone replacement, (the latter of which I am not taking but would like to), our aging bodies differ quite a lot from when we were young.

    But there are 20-somethings out there who would like to look as good as I do now. One secret at our ages is giving the body time to heal after a good workout. Muscles (and bone) grow during rest and healing, not during exercise.

    Under health tips, Dr. Bob Delmonteque, bodybuilder and MD, recommends as little as once-a-week training per muscle group for us oldsters who want to workout to failure. Take a look at this hunk, even at age 84 :)

    You also may be interested in Colleen and Kelly Nelson's website. Kelly is pushing 80 and she looks great :)

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    wow!!!! 68 years old and still lifting....I am 57 years old and have been excersising for years and I continue to learn all the time from people who care about their bodies enough to lift weights and eat right.

    Maybe you need to switch your routine and shock the muscles that are used to your routine and see if that helps bring the soreness back.

    As you know it's the recovery of your broken down muscles that makes you sore and burns extra calories for you all day long.

    As I get older I noticed my metabolism is still slowing down even though I work out,so I try to eat fewer calories and get my heart rate up doing intense cardio for 10 minutes,enough to get a good sweat going and keep it going during my weight lifting routine.

    I realize I will never look like I did when I was 35 even 45 but I feel and am in better shape than most people my age...

    and I am sure you are also looking good at your age.

    If you like we could share our passion for good health.E-mail me at

    never give up......

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    I appolgize that I am an 'older' lifter. But possibly you just need to up your weights and/or do different routines. Your body gets used to doing one thing all the time, so if you mix it up you'll get that great 'sore' feeling again.

    Best of luck :)

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