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signs of whelping?

I know the basic signs of whelping consist of drop in temprature, not eating, and nesting. But would like to know if there are other signs that arent so common and you have experianced or have heard of? I have been doing some research on the signs of whelping and would just like to know what you have experianced. Please save your get your dog fixed speech for this is only for research and no other purpose, it is just a curious mind.

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    I've had quite a few litters since I used to specialize on pregnant fosters and pups (nobody else would foster them) and I had to think long and hard on any other signs other than the standards you mentioned. All I can come up with is a loss of apatite (that comes back in spades when the pups start feeding).

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    shivering, panting hard and restlessness and licking her privets is what my dog did. hope that helps

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    just take him to the vet

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