How much money do you need for a month long trip to Europe?

I planning this trip a year in advance but I will only be able to raise about $8,000. (I'm not sure if im going to need more money or if thats enough. (I would like to go longer than a month, but I don't know if is possible) I also realize that the exchange rate will be different by then, hopefully better...But anyways, i've been trying to get an idea of how much I will need, but I have no idea where to look. So i'm hoping someone will help me! Thanks! =)


My cousin who went for almost two months said that she needed about 150 dollars per day!

Also, i'm going with my cousin, and we are hoping to raise the same amount of money, but I want to know an estimated amount that I need, just to be sure...thanks.

Update 2:

Hey thanks everyone for all your help!

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    This is a great question. Many people dont travel because they think that its just way too expensive. To answer your question it all depends on how you want to travel. As a backpacker you can stay in hostels (cheap dorm style hotels) that are very popular in europe from between 10-40 dollars a night, depending on where you are. I traveled in europe in 2006 for 2 1/2 months and spent about 3 thousand dollars. The current exchange rate is about .65 euro to 1 dollar ouch! but if you spend your money wisely you should be more than ok on 8k (k=thousand) for one month.

    In fact if your ticket costs roughly 1k (which is high) and you have 7k left that leaves you with about 230 dollars a day to spend... which is PLENTY of money.

    Lodging: .....If your rather adventurous check out some sites where really cool people let you stay at their place for FREE! Ive used them lots of times and never had a bad experience. (its like facebook for travellers)

    if your not so adventurous then the hostel option is really good many hostels have kitchens where you can cook your food for free which saves lots of money! they are completely safe contrary to some stupid movies... ;(

    Transportation: ....Also if your not good with maps buying walking tours around a city is a good way to get to all the best sites at a reasonable price. The euro rail is also a train that connects all the major cities in europe you can get a several week or month package that gets you unlimited travel at about 1200 dollars.(month package) ... if your under 26 check out student rates ... which is only about 800 for a month. which saves a lot of money. budget airlines like ryan air and others also have really cheap flights if youd rather fly... or combine a train pass and fly! .. some other budget airlines...

    your last option if you dont want to plan anything is buying a complete package tour where everything is done for you including plane tickets, hotels, food etc... its about 3 grand for a one month tour but its pretty thorough and a decent trip. if you take this option bring about 1-2k in spending money. ( the only reason i dont like this is because i could do it myself much cheaper!) but its legit if your just starting out and have never traveled internationally...

    Hope this helped.. the bottom line even if you stay in hotels and eat out everyday you should still be fine on 8 k... the number one thing to remember is preparation... plan ahead!

    cheers and have fun!

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  • 4 years ago

    Wow that sounds like you're going to have so much fun! My friends and I are planning a trip in 2011 as well, what a coincidence! I would try EF College Break to plan your trip. They have a 30 day tour of Europe that I think you and your friends would be interested in! The cities you'll get to see are: Florence Lucerne Heidelberg Amsterdam French Riviera Madrid Barcelona Rome Venice Paris London The price is around $3500 and it includes EVERYTHING (airfare, hotels, travel logistics, a meal daily, main attractions, etc). This is SOOO convenient because planning those things are such a pain in the butt, trust me! I've done it before and it's such a relief because they take care of it for you. You just need to worry about spending money. They're the guaranteed lowest prices for college students to travel. Plus, they give you tons of free time to party and give good recommendations on night clubs and pubs. You and your friends can use the discount code Tiu9005 to get an EXTRA $50-$250 off each on your trips too. I think you'll definitely enjoy Amsterdam, London, and Venice. Those are, by far, my favorite cities that I've been to. Email me if you have any questions about traveling or anything....I wish you guys the best of luck in planning this! -Christine

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    I'm planning the exact kind of trip. I plan on staying in Europe a month. I have found AMAZING ticket prices on this site:, and hostels are extremely cheap to stay in. Even if you did need $150 a day, that would be roughly $4500 a month, then add your plane ticket, which could be anywhere from $650-$1500 after tax, depending on where you're going first. I think $8000 will be enough darlin! :)

    Source(s): My own personal research.
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    1 decade ago

    Not a lot if you're young and do a tour!

    The best way to do Europe is a student tour!

    Especially if you're young. Did you know that youth are encouraged to travel with many many discounted programs?

    Are you between the ages of 18-26? If so, I can reccommend how I have travelled all of Europe. It's awesome!

    Check out this site:

    It lists tons of vacations, priced cheap for students...or really anyone from age 18 to 26.

    They take care of the airfare, transportation, activities...they basically make sure you have a great time!

    Its way cheap, fun (you get to travel with other hot college kids), safer and smarter.

    Plus if you use this manager code: gavrie6237

    you'll get a $50.00 discount on top of the already cheap price!!

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    1 decade ago

    i'm doing the same thing but i plan on backpacking around and staying in hostels, etc.

    I've read that you will definitely need $65-70 per day! then add plane tickets and you've got your total...

    plan plan plan for yourself and arrive at a number.

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