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False Pregnancies?

Does anyone know the percentages of Dogs that go through false pregnancies, And the dogs that do, what percent had been bred?


ok let me say this, The question I am asking is for a paper I am doing for school so please spare the Get you dog fixed thing, or they need to be champions.

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    There isn't an exact percentage of dogs that go through this condition, but it is more common during the first three heat cycles and it doesn't require the act of intercourse. If it happens to your dog and she is less than three years old, don't freak out, but you should consider your commitment to breediing. and the responsibilities that go along with it. Spaying your dog is the best deterrent to unwanted pregnancy, and it will improve her quality of life if she isn't a breeding quality dog.

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    All dogs should be spayed unless they are show dogs with champion titles. Then, there is nothing to worry about!

  • There really is no exact percentage.

    false pregnancy is when a female dog AKA B*tch, is in heat and mates with a neutered male dog.

    the B*tch will have the same symptom's of pregnancy but no offspring.

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    idk! im s0 srry :(

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