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How come creationists always say, "If humans evolved from apes, why are there still apes?"?

Why not the question, "If apes evolved from humans, why are there still humans?"

It fits into the same category of "I've-never-even attempted-to-study-evolution-in-my-life" people.

Do they somehow think when an animal is more "evolved" it is more intelligent? Evolution is not defined by intelligence. Intelligence is just one factor in the larger view idea of "survival".

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    In regards to ape/human evolution, I'd like to see skeletal or fossil remains of the transitioned body before believing it. Unfortunately, these do not exist. What can you do? Maybe apes and humans are just different species. Who knows about bacterial evolution.

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    Diseases evolve like staph infections right before our eyes as they do it so quickly, so why is it so hard to believe that all living things do it too, just slower. Ignoring science to be a sheep is ridiculous. It could fit together if one were more open minded, as in something created whatever evolved into the rest of the universe, therefore not denying a higher power nor science. Why does it have to be one or the other, all or nothing? There is another evolutionary process occurring now that has become quite widespread already in droves, the human consciousness is evolving, therefore humans are evolving as I type this. They are called Indigo and crystal and star children. They are the next step in evolution. It is evolution no doubt, not just a single mutation that may or may not take hold as the iceman, they exist in droves presently.There are already Indigo adults and many children and the crystals are the next ones evolved from them. They have amazing psychic abilities and are definitely very different. My 3yr old is one of them, you can't trick her into anything, she always knows what you are thinking and what is coming next. Because doctors don't recognize this yet or know what they are looking for exactly, coincidentally the number of children diagnosed with autism has gone up through the roof too. They don't know how to class it that is accepted professionally yet. But the two are very different. I wouldn't call them a new species nor this Ice man, I would call them the next step in evolution. They are still human, just more advanced. Since there are already many of these people specific breeding to help the human race is not necessary nor called for. But this Iceman, well, that would be an asset for him to spread his seed since he seems to be the only one known and his gift is very useful in the grand sceme of survival. I give you a link to explain the star children more. Peace be with you.

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    Okay, if humans evolved from apes, why do some creationists ask why there are still apes?

    The answer is quite straightforward; they are disrespecting their God, and their God's decision to create apes in the first place, let alone keep them around, as is His plan.


    I like simple minded Christians; their Religion and doctrines are so easy to use in counter arguments against them.

    You don't even need a particularly good knowledge of Christianity to turn the tables.

    It's almost like shooting fish in a barrel.

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    Creationists use a whole lot of discredited arguments, even when they have publicly said they will drop them. Here are some:

    There are no transitional forms

    The Cambrian "explosion" is evidence that all life doesn't have a common ancestor

    The second law of thermodynamics forbids evolution

    Various structures are too complicated to have evolved (the 747 in a junkyard argument)

    and so on.

    Part of this is ignorance, but part is pure dishonesty.

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    The "why are there still monkeys" question comes from thinking that evolution is linear instead of branched, and that a descendant species necessarily replaces the ancestor species.

    "Why don't monkeys give birth to human babies?" is another question based on misinformation -- similar in that it is linear thinking wherein all members of the ancestor species evolve into another species.

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    They say it because they assume that an entire species evolves together when its really just specific populations that evolve.

    That is one of the most basic precepts of evolution, so what you said is more or less spot on.

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    From a biologist's point of view, we're actually part of the ape family.. and to answer ur question, i think it's got alot to do with fossil evidence

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    I've got an answer to your question.

    People think that we evolved from apes, that we pick up food with our hands, etc. That the neaderthals hunched over like apes, the answer is: that that man was very old, and had arthritis.

  • But, we have a soul and apes do not. Go figure! we are the superior species. Does that say anything for you.Our soul is given to us at the moment of conception. Animals die. ca put done. Our bodies die but our soul lives on forever. Well, I guess you don't seem to think so. Oh well.

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    You give them too much credit. They usually do not use the word apes, but rather the more foolish word monkeys.

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