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Is it a good sign if a guy watches chick flicks with you?

I know guys don't enjoy watching chick flicks. he's the type of guy that would never watch them EVER... he's your typical guy that watches his guy movies and is willing to compromise what you want to watch...just as long as it's not a chick flick.

I actually got him to watch "The Notebook" with me and at first he kept saying, "ew gay, gay" but gave in and watched it with me. He didn't complain one bit and if anything I told him not to fall asleep but kept looking at me to see if I did. He paid attention and was confused asking me questions. At the times when i was crying, he didn't say anything but was "into" the scene. He laughed at some quotes fr. the movie.

At the end of the movie, he said it was "depressing". The next day he told his guy friend he watched it and thought it was "gay".

Guys, what's the play by play here? :)

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    He really cares about you, enough to watch the movies you want to watch and try to pay attention to impress you.

    Calling it "gay" to his friends is his way of keeping his image, but trust me - you've definitely found a winner.

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    He's doing the usual guy thing. Mine will refuse to watch my movies or shows with me because of how terrible they are but then he'll laugh at the jokes and giggle during the cute scenes.

    He'll usually come back with that "gay" remark or I didn't enjoy it, which is usually bs because sometimes they do enjoy it. He's actually trying to just fit his gender role and honestly doesn't want anyone to know that he may have actually enjoyed something "made for a chick." Men can be extremely weird sometimes, but I have no room to talk as I will enjoy his movies and tell him they sucked.. lol

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    It is a good sign that you found someone who willing to do and enjoys it as well everything that makes you happy. There's nothing gay about it because most of my guy friends also watched the notebook and considered it one of the romantic movie they'd watch. In a relationship a single moment or incident couldn't tell all what a person really is of now enjoy the moment having him because you might miss something good like him. GOODLUCK!

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    That boy must realllllllllllllllllly like you.

    There's a natural resistance to watching chick flicks with guys. Even if inside some guys do want to watch them, we can't risk the persona of manliness being revealed as a fraud so we have to make out like we don't want to watch them.

    If he was actually into it, but told hsi friends it was gay, that's pretty normal. You gotta be a man in front of your boyz ya know.

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    no some some guys just like chick flicks

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    lol my gf made me watch that, it was ok, but I didnt find t sad.. just felt a bit bummed out afterwards lol. Tbf though I've got quite into chick flicks since being with my gf.. although I wont admit it to her. Watch wickerpark. It made me cry. Twice. Im not afraid to admit it. If you dont at least see his lip quivering then you wanna check he's not a robot or something =]

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    You have a dedicated guy friend. Its just normal for a guy to like a movie but then the next day tell his friend its gay to sound macho. I think you have a chick flicky type of guy.

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    well he probably likes u and likes u enough to watch chick flicks with u and not complain to u.that is a wonderful thing in a guy and u better be happy that he dose that

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    Wow, that's a sacrifice. The Notebook? My girlfriend would have to promise to do some pretty outrageous stuff to get me to watch that with her.

    Just appreciate it. It means he likes you.

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    chick flicks that really nice i love the notebook it a beautiful movie. romance movie not for every guys but i love them.

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