Why do middle class ,otherwise intelligent white men vote republican,against there best interest?

Election after election White men,even Poor white men go overwhelmingly to the republicans,Even though the issues that republicans care most about,mainly benefit the rich and trample all over the rest of America.
Update: The first answers are a riot because if you do your own research you will find that the middle class and lower will enjoy tax cuts under Obama's plan, the Bush plan has sunk the Economy and McCain will keep it in place.
Update 2: LOL the republicans want to teach everyone to fish, then send all the boats overseas. But I got my answer the word there or their must be somehow incredibly more important than facts. LOL
Update 3: Sad that everything negative or racist or homophobic got several thumbs up.
Update 4: If it is indeed a Moral thing,then why the guy who abandoned his wife(that stuck with him) when she needed him the most, over the Guy who pulled himself up by his bootstraps,married 1 woman,are raising his children and openly loves Jesus.
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