how often must a human poop?

i know this is a awkward question but ive had contipation for a vary long time and i once had to go to the hospital because i didnt poop for three weeks (not gona go any further)i am partly active and i can live a normal life i have a good diet but im concerned for my health i cosume so much food every day i never get full i eat like 3-5 huge meals perday and im 13 and weigh 122 pounds and now i poop every three days or four days sometimes its just every other day and sometimes every day for three days stright what health problems can this cause and how do i overcome this i do get bow movments every day but for some reason i dont go can i develop colon cancer or something plzz help

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    The best way to answer this question is with a normal range, since there is variation from person to person. The normal range for daily pooping is from three times a day to once every three days. Therefore, it would be fair to say that the average person poops about once a day. When someone poops four times a day or more and the poop has a liquid consistency, this is referred to as diarrhea. When someone poops less than two or three days a week and the poop is hard, dry, and difficult to pass, this is known as constipation. I would recommend that you take a laxative before you go to bed. When you get up in the morning you will more than likely have to go. If not no worries it will happen sooner are later it takes anywhere from 24-36 hours to digest food. As for the colon cancer no you cannot just take my advice and you will be alright.

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    You sound quite normal now, and once per day is best, but everyone misses a day or two every so often. The best way to keep it going easy is to eat a breakfast cereal with bran in it, and nuts and some oats.

    For main meals, include raw vegetables and a dip instead of always cooked. Raw carrots in particular are awesome.

    Cut back on cheese, and bring in more oranges and red grape fruit. Not Yellow grape fruit. Yellow will leach bone calcium from the high acidity, red will not.

    Up yur fluid intake and monitor to make sure that you are drinking the recommended amount. If you aren't drinking enough fluid, yur body will try to take more out in the large intestine, leaving yur poop dryer and packed..way too much info, but you asked.! You will need to pee more, but which is worse?

    Good luck

    : - )

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    You need to poop atleast once a day. Drink a protein shake every night before you go to bed you'll probably gain some weight but if you workout or have some type of physical exercise you'll be fine. Also there is this protein/spirilena shake which is very healthy for you and will definitely make you defecate once a day or more.

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    Don't listen to what anyone says about how often you should poop. Everyone is different. I go maybe once a day while my husband goes several times a day. Some people only a few times a week. The frequency is dependent on your body and your body alone! Don't stress about it. Just make sure you eat enough fiber (whole grains/ whole wheat bread) and you will have a healthy digestive tract. Don't be to quick to turn to drugs or laxatives. Good Luck!!

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    First of all try not to get caught up in worrying about it since you;ve had that bad hospital experience. You may be eating alot of food, but it just may not be the right food to keep you unconstipated. If you are eating alot of fast foods with breads and fried foods, you probably are partially causing this problem. You need fruits, vegetables and fibers of all types in your diet. So you'll have to find a way to like salads and anything fresh in the veggie and fruit family. You can drink Metamucil from a pharmacy once a day for the fiber. You can also ask a school nurse for some advice if she is easy to talk to. Don't worry about causing health problems..just start eating healthy .

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    I go at least twice a day.

    Get yourself some psyllium husk. It's kind of a natural metamucil. Mix it with water or juice and take it in the morning and before bed. You will be as regular as german train before you know it.

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    take metamucil for the fiber. fiber helps ur digestive system clean everything out better. the normal recomendation for pooping is 1 to 2 times everyday. as for the eating alot, ur 13 and when i was 13 i cost bout 80 dollars a day on just eat more fiber or take metamucil, it will help u get regular :p

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    depends on the person, You must drink lots of water and eat lots of fiber, or u can and will get constipation, Lack of Water is one of the most common causes , u must drink at least 6-8 glasses a day and eat wheat bread{ will not put weight on you] and eat lots of fruit and Veggies. Chronic const. can lead to Hemorrhoids and other stomach problems. You are to young for these problems.

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    Completely normal! My son is bottle fed, but he pooped at every feeding for the first week/week and a half.

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    about every three days should be normal; provided that you do not strain on passing. Limit sodas, drink more juice and water

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