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The TV channels are scratchy with cable line?

All the TVs in my house, going from like channel 25+ get scratchier and scratchier, when I watch the TV with just an antenna the channels are crystal clear, but this problem only occurs with the coaxial cable line. What can I do to solve this problem, it's very annoying

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    This is almost certainly a problem of your cable company. Give them a call and schedule a service call. It's probably a problem in your neighborhood.

    Cable companies don't like to have to send out someone to fix reception problems - it costs them money. You have to complain for anything to happen.

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    you have a weak signal from the primary cable box - call your cable company and ask them to boost the signal to your line and it should resolve the problem.

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    Subscribe to dish network

    Dennis G

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    ask your cable operator...

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