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Is it safe to fly in small planes like cessnas?

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    They are very safe if the pilot is competent. Never fly with a pilot who claims never to have been scared at the controls of an airplane, or with any pilot who is a show-off or a pushy type of person. Being a safe pilot requires a certain measure of humility.

    And by the way, parachutes are required only for aerobatic flight, which is not a common pursuit. They are not required for typical sightseeing or travel flights.

    Have fun. The more you can learn about the airplane and how it works, the safer you will feel.

    Source(s): retired airline captain
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    There's no really easy answer to this question. You can definitely take a look at general statistics. AOPA's Air Safety Foundation puts out good information. (First link below.) Most readable among that information is probably the yearly Nall Report. (Second link below.) One of the nice things about learning to fly is that, as the pilot, you have a very high level of control over how safe your flying is. In a car, no matter how well you drive, you can only do so much to prevent others from involving you in an accident. Very few recreational aviation accidents are caused by people outside the plane. According to the Nall Report, over 75% of the accidents in 2004 were caused by the pilot. Getting good training and exercising good judgment, then, could make your flying much safer than the statistics would at first seem to indicate. Just over 15% of the accidents in 2004 had mechanical causes. That might seem like a high number, but it amounted to 221 accidents. There's no telling how many of those could have been prevented had the pilot been more careful. There's no doubt that recreational flying involves risks. A big part of your training as a pilot will be the management (and minimizing) of these risks. When you start looking for a place to take lessons, sit down with the person you are considering as an instructor and ask her or him this same question. If you don't like the answer, consider flying somewhere else. Safety should matter as much to your instructor as it does to you.

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    Compared to what? It's not as safe as a commercial jet or even a car, but it's much safer than skiing.

    If you take a Cessna 172 on a 2 hour flight, you are much less likely to get into an accident than if you took a car on the same trip. However, if you do have an accident in the plane, it's much more likely to be fatal. If you look at the probability of death or serious injury, it's about equal.

    So if you drive to a local airport for 30 minutes, take a one hour flight, then drive 30 minutes home, your chances of a serious injury on the flight are about equal to your chances of a serious injury on the drive.

    That said, the injuries on the drive tend to be much more outside of your control. You can't do anything about a drunk driver that plows into you. However, in the aircraft, the risks tend to be much more within your control. For example, attempting really stupid things in the plane and flying into bad weather are among the top causes of serious injury in light single engine airplanes.

    So the risk of something outside your control causing you serious injury are less in the plane.

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    I hope so. I own one. The Cessna 172 has the top safety record for hours flown of any small aircraft.

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    They have been around for a long time.

    If they were not safe they would not be flying.

    Cessna planes are used to teach people how to fly.

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    Yeah, for sure.

    Don't worry about the fact that you are required to wear a parachute in some light aircraft, they are barely ever used!

    Smaller planes are much easier to handle, so it's easier to fly in a difficult situation.

    Have fun!

    Matt L.

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    Safer then walking across the street.

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    yes.. but i'm choosing the tomahawk rather than cessna..

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    i have around 30 hours in one and I'm still alive......

    And they wouldn't use that as training devices for the young and inexperienced, if they were unsafe.............

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