how do i get abs im desperate for them?

i use to be lazy unmotivated inactive,etc until recently(about 1 week ago)i decided to take my thumb out of my *** i really want a six pack not just for 1 purpose for several diffirent and my body percentage fat is 20.1%and this was last year idk about know im13 about 5,6 and i weigh about 142 this is strange becuase im pretty slender and i dont have any mussle to exscuse the weight im healthy my diet is like almost all meats including chicken,pork,fish,etc its basically all i eat is meats everyday with rice and salad sometimes what and of now i come home and i go swiming non-stop for atleast 40 minites any other exersises specifically for calorie burning and wight loss i thought that goinng swiming what i was starving hungry was great because my body would automatically accses the fat reserves but apparently not.what can i do to lower my fat percentage to ast least 13%preferably 10 or 8%but 13 will do to show my abs and make them visible

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  • 1 decade ago
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    well kid your genetics plays a big part in this with your age. some people are chunky until the growth spurt. you are in that phase now. look at your dad and your moms dad. compare your height and body mass to them. you are not over weight. i would add some more carbs in your diet. your body can only use so many grams of protein per hour and the rest is just waste.

  • 1 decade ago

    well abs are shown after the fat is off of them, so cardio is you best bet, swimming is good to though....your plan sound good, but you ant expect them after one weel, be patient

  • 1 decade ago

    cut out carbs lower.. do more cardio, diet...

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