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CKC Paper Fraud?

I have a girl who informed me that a local Back yard breeder she knows put ckc papers on a pom for her. How do I report her to ckc and will it do any good? All I know about her is that she lives locally and she breeds poms, This girl will not give me her name or kennal name. So How do I go about turning her in or will ckc do anything?


ok I know that the girl didnt get the papers herself, and I do know that ckc is a crap registry I just didnt know if they would do anything about it or not or if it would do any good to do anything.

Update 2:

well the fraud would be giving that dog a pedigree when It really doesnt have one. it would be one thing if that girl just reg. her dog on her own then there would be no fraud but this breeder gave her a fake pedigree for what ever she gained out of it.

Update 3:

ok I am not talking about the canadian kennel club

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    umm, let me call me girl, she knows alot about this kind of stuff! I will get back to you. :)

  • tom l
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    Just to repeat, there are 2 (two) CKC registries, and they are very different.

    We once reported the advertisement of a litter of BLACK Chesapeake Bay Retrievers to the Canadian Kennel Club (Chessies only come in shades of brown) The next day that person was no longer a member of the Canadian kennel club, and the registrations of all of their dogs were revoked.

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    The CKC make their position clear on the registration pages of their website - nothing you can do - they rely on the word of who ever registers the dog. The CKC papers are not worth a penny!

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    If you're talking about the Continental Kennel Club and not the Canadian Kennel Club, they likely don't care. They will register any dog if you can get two people to sign off on a statement saying it is a purebred whatever. That's why puppy mills and backyard breeders like them, they have almost no standards and would register a donkey if two people signed a piece of paper saying it was a Great Dane. If it's the Canadian Kennel Club you are referring to, check their website, there should be contact information there, and you can give them a call and see what would be appropriate.

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    first off how do u know the papers are fake?

    second, ckc is a not a reputable kennel club in the first place, they even allow breeders to use pre-printed registration

    I really doubt they'll do anything, they don't even check for actual papers for the registered dogs, it's like all those smaller ones, all u need to do is claim that you have a purebred and u're in.

  • Lucy
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    I wouldn't really mess with it unless she's REALLY frauded someone, then you can call the police.

    Don't call CKC, they're a fraud registry themselves. Any dog that remotely looks like a Lab, they will allow you to register it as pure. Same with any other breed. They'll take a mutt.

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    CKC wont do anything.. the girl could have easily got the papers herself tho.

    Its a scam registry, they are only interested in the registration fees.

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    What Kimberly said. The Continetail Kennel Club is a pseudo registry. It means that their "papers " and pedigrees are worthless.

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    if its a pom she can request & get pom papers from CKC it's OK

    where is the fraud?

    fraud would be if it wasn't the breed she registered,

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    CKC is a scam, I doubt they would do anything about it.

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    CKC may do something about it, but it doesn't matter anyways. CKC is a crap registry. They'll register mutts, rodents, and linoleum if you give it a cutesy name.

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