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What do the sun sign, moon sign and ascending mean?

Based on some questions on here, I got curious and had a birth chart made. There is so much information; what does it all mean? Scorpio sun sign, Libra moon sign, and Aries ascending - what do these items say about me to someone who has knowledge about horoscopes?

Thanks for the answers in advance.

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    The sun is our conscious sense of self.It involves using our will to take action, to create some expression of our true selves and our individuality.The sun shows the ways we want to be known.The moon represents our unconscious emotional side.The moon represents all our past memories ,thanks to the moon we are able to create patterns and habits,and let portions of our lives run on automatic.It represents how we react emotionally and it shows how we want to be nurtured and how we nurture others.The ascendant is the image of the personality,in that others see it as not intenionally projected,it is automatic.The ascendant shows our individual approach to life itself.The sun in scorpio indicates the creative energy penetrating surface experience with intense emotional power and intuition.It represents intensity of the human experience,often manifesting as sexual relationships.Libra moon idicates someone who reacts with objectivity and has a strong sense of fairness.This person thinks before acting and weighs all sides of the issue.This person is eager to please and to see the other persons point of view.Feels secure when involved in close relationships.Your personality (ascendant)might conflict with your moon (what we need to feel secure).People with aries personality can be abrupt,ambitious,restless,impatient,and quite abrasive.As I said conflict.

    P.S. If aries ruler mars is in a earth or water sign than these qualities may be somewhat migrated.

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    It does no longer propose something in any respect. the entire stupid pseudoscience of astrology is in accordance with a non-genuine geocentric theory of how the universe works that became universal as codswallop centuries in the past. working example, i became born on ninth March. That apparently makes me a Pisces, with the aid of fact the sunlight became in that area of the Zodiac diverse by using that constellation on the day of my beginning. As a 'water sign' i could purchase books telling me all approximately my character, my appropriate substantial different, profession and so on and so on. different than that i'm no longer a Pisces in any respect. extremely aside from the undeniable fact that the sunlight wasn't, and can desire to no longer be 'In' any constellation in any respect, with the aid of fact the universe does not artwork like that and so on and so on, on the ninth of March the sunlight became in Ares! The Zodiac and charts utilized by using astrologer have no connection in besides with something surely happening interior the sky! provide it up and get a life!

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