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is there any way to disable the facebook chat?

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    "You can minimize the feature and stop receiving chat messages by going offline. To do so, open the chat menu in the bottom right of your browser. Click "Go Offline" to stop receiving chat messages. You will not appear in any of your friends "Online Friends" section and your friends cannot message you. Clicking "Go Online" will allow your friends to contact you again and see that you are online in Chat."

    There isnt a way to completely disable it, but this will at least hide it. Just wondering, what network are you in that you have chat?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Block Facebook Chat

    You Must have FireFox in order to use these extensions.

    Part 1. - Do this first, to disable the visual part of the chat.

    1. Download Firefox

    2. Download and Install Greasemonkey for firefox.

    3. Restart your browser.

    4. Install the following greasemonkey script

    5. Click Install on the left.

    6. Browse facebook with no retarded chat window

    Part 2

    This keeps facebook from updating your client.


    2. Download Firefox

    3. Download and Install AdBlock Plus for firefox

    4. Go to Tools > Adblock Plus

    5. Add the following Filter to Adblock Plus


    7. Click apply and hit Ok.

    8. Chat will load initially on each page, but no one can message you, and it will show you as offline. After 20 seconds or so it will time out and disappear.

    9. Enjoy facebook without annoying chat windows.

  • 1 decade ago

    If you have firefox, you can install an add-on called 'grease monkey' that removes most of the junk that facebook insists on having (such as adverts, 'sponsored' notices, auto-block apps.etc .etc .etc) - although I couldnt see one when I last looked, i'm sure there will be a script to hide it soon as I hate the chat box.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Adblock is a program that everybody need, i found it here

    With this software you will blocks all the boring pop-up and advertisement!!

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