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I need some opinions...What to do next? to help me out?

Ok so here is the thing:

I used to work with this person...they quit the job and we stayed in touch. For about 2 yrs...we emailed a few times a week..had lunch, met for drinks...talked on the phone that sort of thing.

Then....I didn't get reply's....or returned phone calls for a few months. I would occasionally send out an email..

Hope your ok? Get in touch when you can...that sort of thing...Then out of the blue one day...I get a call "omg...Im so sorry it's been too long....lets get together....surprised ...but glad to hear from them we make some plans for the following week...but I am supposed to call to say what day works for me..As the day approaches....I try to communicate and I end up not hearing from them again...until today...It has been since last JUNE!!!!!!! thats right 10 months....I wrote off the friendship I took ...after never hearing back for all that time..TODAY...OUT OF THE BLUE! I GET A MESSEGE...SAYING ITS ME . WHEN CAN WE DO LUNCH? CALL ME AND THEN HUNG UP.


so now what do i do? do i call them back? like everything is hunky dory?!? Do i ignore the messege? I am at a loss. It's been sooo long and I was truley hurt that they never got back with me. The last email i sent...said" I guess you don't want to continue this friendship....I hope I am wrong...but If I don't hear back from you I will no longer attempt to communicate with you again.

That was 10 months ago...I never heard back...until today....I just think its weird and possibly they mis-dialed...What do you think?

Update 2:

Thank you guys soo much for your input..I had put this friendship behind me. I really did care ...but had to let it go...and I got over it. I will attempt to communicate. I will not call back... It would have been fine with me never to have heard from them again...but I cought me totally off guard. Truth is much of this relationship was kept going by me.....and just when I backed off was when they would invite me to lunch ...or to go get a beer ...But honestly ,,,,,,I am relieved to be out of that cycle!

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    G-Lo, is it really worth your time? Do you feel like this is a friendship that you really need in your life? Is it worth the stress that you are dealing with right now? I guess it is just soemthing that you have to figure out for yourself. For me, I would not be contacting this person. This just happened to me with a friend...she will not call me back. Several phone calls and e-mails later, I figured out that it didn't matter to me. She has some issues, I love her and always will, but, I don't have the time to worry about chasing her down. If she wants to get in touch with me, she can. Hope this helps.

  • Dondi
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    Well, for what it's worth, here is my opinion, and we all know what opinions are like and how they smell, so I'll just get to the point.

    Is this friend of the same, or opposite sex? If same, try to reestablish communications and find out what is going on. If opposite, forget him. If this was a true friend, you would have heard something before now. But for your own peace of mind, try to find out the reason behind the neglect for so long.

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    I am soo.. Sorry to hear that.

    They are'nt worth your Faithful Friendship!

    G what u have to do is just dont reply immediately. Wait for 2-3 times and then reply. Resist the Temptation to reply till then.

    U r Being neglected by them. Trust me It Hurts a Lot!

    Now its your turn to get them realise, what r u!

    Best of Luck!

    Be Happy always...



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    There are times when people are just hopeless about their ability to handle properly their timetable. I used to be so a few years ago, without meaning any harm whatsoever.

    Next time you get a message, what about observing with some amusement how your friend behaves simply by telling it'll be a pleasure to have him/her call you and chat a little together, without rushing about any meeting?

    I guess it's just a matter of letting him/her some time to grow more mature: who knows if they won't become really trustworthy friends once they're more settled?

    Good day! Waiting for a poem of yours, some day. :-)

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    Stop being so available immediately. Get back to them if they contact you again. If they don't, just ignore it. Doesn't sound like a real great friend anyway.

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    Put it and them out of ur mind, and don't worry about it. They sound like a flake...who needs em?

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