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Vitamin E and Breeding B*tchs (Reputable Breeders only Please)?

I have3 boxers, 1 male and 2 female boxers all proven and shown in agility and conformation. one of them is soon to come into heat. When talking to my mentor she told me to put my B*tch on Vitamin E about 1000 mg a day and it will inprove her chances of conception by about 40% give or take, I knew that this vitamin helps with their coat but i had no Idea about fertility. My question is have any of you used vitamin E for this purpose or any others? Would this also be helpful to my stud? If so could you please let me know? I have done a little research on it and found this site about natural rearing. I found it rather interesting and learned a little from it as well but not to sure about trying any of the sugestions.


all of my dogs are in great condition.They are fed high quality dog food, fresh water and well exercised. Right before Breeding my B*tch's are slowly switched to a high quality puppy chow.

Update 2:

ok, sorry about not being clear enough. You only use the vitamin E while the B*tch is in heat. You do not continue with it during the pregnancy.

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    Well i have never heard of it but... It cant does do WONDERS for the skin and coat tho :D good luck!

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    If your female is healthy, I wouldn't worry too much about supplements, particularly if she is eating a good, well balanced dog food. The only supplements my dog had was calcium tablets - though there is some dispute between vets as to whether to start calcium supplementation before or after whelping - some schools of thought think that giving calcium beforehand can actually increase the chances of eclampsia, others think that it decreases it. Best wisdom from my vet and mentors is to give calcium from about six weeks gestation - which is what I have done, with no problems. Other than that, just switching her diet to puppy food from about five or six weeks gestation, and keeping her on it whilst she is feeding her pups, has always been sufficient.

    I do tend to take the view that if a dog is fit, healthy and looking in peak condition, over supplementing can be a bad idea.

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    I never used this as a supplement for any of my dam's. I never felt the need to supplement at all. My girls were all in peak condition before I decided if I was going to breed them in the first place.

    I never felt the need to give too many supplements/ if any at all. Good high quality food and water and exercise Is all I think is needed. I cant see how vitamin E would improve fertility at all.

    ADD: Ok then why give them a supplement if they dont need one??? It's your choice to do whatever you please but I just don't see the need for vitamin E.

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    'I don't routinely add supplements to my breeding dogs diet.A good diet should be all that is needed.I'm not sure about Vitamin E in the breeding female since I do know it makes the blood thinner and slower to clot in humans.I'd expect the same for canines.This could be bad thing in a whelping female.I'd ask the vet.

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    I have always had a pet theory. If a dog needs to have supplements added to it's diet, it is time to look at the diet, not supplements.

    Most of us would never consider breeding a b*tch that wasn't in perfect condition.

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