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Is there more catagories to dog breeders than back yard breeders and ch. breeders?

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    Actually, there's quite a wide range of dog breeders, but the three main groups are:

    1) BYB's - normally people who decide to breed the family pet either to make money or to experience the "fun" of puppies or for other reasons.

    2) Commercial Breeders (often referred to as puppymills, although they can range from clean, professional facilities where dogs are properly cared for to filthy, crowded shacks where dogs live in misery). Their focus is on making money.

    3) Reputable/Hobby Breeders - again, you can get a wide range of quality and professionalism, but basically these breeders tend to compete with their dogs (either in conformation or performance events) to prove their worthiness for breeding. Their focus is normally on producing the best dogs they can.

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    You have back yard breeders and puppy mills and you have reputable breeders that breed for conformation, temperament, health and abilities. Not all reputable breeders have champion parents. Some have champions behind the parents, some have agility, shutzhund, search and rescue, therapy, hunting, field, etc. All reputable breeders, regardless of showing their dogs or not, meet/exceed breed standards.

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    Sure. The reputable breeders who actually breed for breed standards and great show dogs.

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    There are backyard breeders, reputable breeders (not necessarily show breeders...some of these breeders are more focused on working dogs who perform their original function), and puppymills.

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  • Cindy
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    There are reputable breeders and all the rest.... 2 categories.

    Good and bad.

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    Simple ===good -- reputable breeders who show to make sure their dogs are to breed standard, investigate the sire and dam's bloodlines for genetic problems, breed only a few times in excellent conditions for the dogs, one particular breed they specialize in and are knowledgeable about ---- and -- bad--

    the rest.

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    reputable breeders who breed to the standard... taking health, conformation, type and temperament into extreme consideration.

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