I would like everyone's opinions on online dating. . .?

My fiance and I met online and we are so in love! He moved up to be with me and I couldn't be anymore happy! But. . . Here is the thing. . . None of my family or friends approve of him just because we met online and he is older then me! Do you guys think that this is so wrong or our my family and friends just close minded. We didnt meet on E-Harmony or anything like that, we met in an aol chat room and it was love at first i-m! haha!


this is the first guy to have tell me im gorgeus and to say i love you and feel like he actually means it! he is such a cutie! i love him to death!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    there's nothing wrong with meeting someone online and falling in love. In fact that is how I met the love of my life. We met on singles.net. We are moving in together this month and plan on getting married. Your family and friends will learn to accept this fact hopefully soon if you two plan on getting married soon. Maybe they just need to get to know him better. Not everyone online is just out for sex or just to hurt someone. You can meet great people on here. Good Luck and I hope your family and friends learn to accept your love with this guy.

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    My family and friends don't have any problem with the fact that I meet guys online (at dating sites). That may be due to the fact that I'm older and have been married before. When you get older and are busy with a full time job and a home you just don't have all that many ways to meet single guys. In this day and age people need to accept that it is a way people meet.

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    i believe in online love. Its so much stronger then the one u have in real. U love eachother for who u are and not for looks. I met a boy on icq chatrooms and been talking ot him so much time , we fell inlove, but we lost adresses and im dying, I cant love other guys cause he is the one for me.... So dont worry, this si absollutely normal. ur friends are familr are old made. Dont give a dam lol just keep loving eachother.....

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