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Why do so many people say size dosent matter in a fight?

Size and strength are important factors in a fight. that is why there are weight classes in pro fighting it is not to protect the big guy from the little guy. size and strength determines the amount of damage a fighter can give and recieve. it is not to say the big guy always beats the little guy but he does win about 75% of the time. I have seen questions like this girl I know does karate and wants to fight this huge guy and other silly questions like that. this gets people hurt when they tell her to go fight him. so why are people so delusional? Its like in the animal kingdom the big bear usually beats the little bear.

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    Size and strength complimented with other skills (speed, endurance and agility) are reasons for anyone to defeat a smaller or bigger opponent (I see smaller size and less strength as possible advantages, too). I have a hard time believing it is a 75-25% split although I do give a slight advantage for large opponents that are equally skilled. However, you cannot forget, Royce Gracie won 3 of the first UFC tournaments.

    And did you watch the dismantling of Hong Man Choi by Fedor, Wandalei Silva's over Fujita, Minotaro over Bob Sapp, Tim Silvia, Semmy Schilt, or Zuluzinho, Arlovski over Silvia, Jens Pulver over practically everyone he has fought and won. If you want more examples there are several more. Hence, I would say that split is closer to 60-40.

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    I to think you have already made up your mind, but here is my answer anyway.

    Size and strength do matter, but not to the extent that most people think. They definetly matter in a cage fight, or even in a street fight, but they are not as important for self defense.

    They matter in the UFC because you have two highly trained individuals, and there is a saying that a good big man will beat a good small man.

    However if you have a big guy with absolutly no training or very little, and a smaller person that is well trained, the size factor becomes much smaller.

    Scenario: A big bad guy grabs hold of a smaller women to show her who's boss. Using her 10 years of training she immediatly delivers a palm heal to his chin, knee strike to the inner thigh or groin, elbow smash to the jaw, and then a hammerfist to the throat, followed by getting away and surviving, which is the ultimate goal of self defense. I have been lifted off of my feet ( I am 6" 2" and then was 110 lbs) by a palm heal under the chin by a lady 5' 4" and 120 lbs when I charged her to grab her.

    Point is that yes all things being equal the bigger person has the advantage, but training will help negate some of that advantage.

    Just my opinion from 18 years of training.

    BTW to the poster of the question: How long have you trained and in what?

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    All things being equal, size matters, but all things are not always equal. Different sized/framed fighters have to fight very differently. There are some ways small people have advantage and some ways tall people have advantage. A well placed (efficiently delivered) strike from a small person could drop a big guy if done right. I'd say it is not so black and white.

    Think about it, Wing Chun was developed by a woman. She must have been fierce if she and her style are still remembered today.

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    Hello, size really does not matter. A swift kick to the nuts can tip the scale. So what were you asking again? It doesn't matter how tall or big someone is, if the smaller person is more conditioned and knows what to do they'll have a better chance. Size might be beneficial to a certain extent, but then it could also hinder flexibility and range of motion the bigger you get. People are delusional, at least not all of them, they're hopeful. Its what drive us, having hope.

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    yeah size does matter but that isnt the only factor in deciding who's the winner. In fact size can also hinder your chances of winning(this depends on the environment, conditions,etc). Take your own example, the animal kingdom. Crocodiles usually live in marshy areas and are the strongest creatures there. However, try fighting a croc on dry land. Even a smaller sized animal can defeat it.

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    Size certainly does matter, everything matters, but is you a a smaller guy who believes size dose matter, then you will lose before the fight even begins. I am smaller than average, but if someone punches me ill punch them back, haha even if its just joking around.

    But yeah, being large does let you have an advantage. Did you see in the Taekwondo 2004 Athens Olympics, there was a great big greek guy versing a much smaller Korean. The Korean walked al over him, the Greek didn't even get a hit on him before he was KOed

    Source(s): Hwa Rang Tae kwon do
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    1 decade ago true, in majority of all cases size does matter when fighting.

    Not to sound obstreperous or anything, i've fought a few jerks, but they had bad intentions and they were around similiar height to me and the fight was relatively even, but there was this other guy right he was 2 inches shorter then me and he kicks him quite hard in the stomach and a simple elbow jab onto the nose followed by a successive kick in the back and yea....pretty much shut him up....

    (hey dude, i'm not a bad guy, but it's a dog eat world so please don't get me wrong =)

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    A good big man will defeat a small good man but a good small man can defeat a large untalented lump.

    Big isn't scary big and trained is.

    The small man's best weapon is surprise .Never wear anything that advertises your martial abilitys try to be the peacemaker until you realize that won't work then strike 1st low and hard and keep it up until he runs or you find an opportunity to get out of there.

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    size matters if your on the other end of a kick or punch from a much bigger for the girl that wants to fight a much bigger man than her if the man actually fights back she will get her a.. kicked.if the girl was actually any good at karate she wouldn't be wanting to fight anyway and she wouldn't be telling anyone how she could beat the bigger guy.

    Source(s): me.martial artist for 40 years.
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    I disagree, I have a friend whos 5'4 and 19 years old been doing tae kwon do all his life and absolutely kicked the **** of some tall *** dude in my school. Sometimes training and skill override size. However, two equally skilled opponents usually the bigger guy will win.

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