My fiance and i are supposed to get married in a year and a half. . .?

What should I be doing to plan if anything at all. I don't want it to seem like I am trying to rush things but I am definetly a control freak! I need some help!!!

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    Hi, Tink!

    I'm also getting married in a year and a half (Sep. 5, 2009) and I totally understand you feeling like a "lame duck" at this stage of the game. After compiling a basic rough-draft guest list, setting the date, and scouting out some venues, there really isn't a whole lot to do right now, unfortunately. The venue I chose only accepts reservations a year in advance, so I have to wait to book it. Ditto for the reception venue, which is a restaurant and doesn't make reservations this far out in advance. I can't even send out Save The Date magnets until at least December!! So what I've decided to do is buy one or two little wedding extras, like favors, decorations, or other accessories I might need, every paycheck and stash it all in my hall closet. I just look around at party stores and bridal websites and see what's on sale, and snatch it up while it's still being offered at that price. For example, last month they were having a huge sale on wedding invitation kits, so I bought as many of them as I needed (2 boxes for 50-60 guests) for only $10 a box! They're living in my closet until it comes time to put them together. This month I am thinking of either purchasing wedding bubbles or my cake topper. These are all the little extras that really add up, $10 here, $20 there, and if you wait until a month or two before your wedding to buy them, it can get really expensive!! This way, I can just go to my "treasure closet" the month before the wedding, and voila! Everything I need will be sitting right there, waiting for me. Besides, it gives me some fun wedding stuff to do before it's time to really get into the "big" stuff. Good luck!

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    Hi, and congrats! I just finished planning my wedding for the most part. I had a little less than a year and let me tell you that was not enough. You should defiantly start planning now so you will not be stressed-out before the wedding. Start looking at reception and ceremony sites. Some advice -- looks at A LOT of places. I found a place very quickly but now I wonder if I didn't look enough. You will run into SO many beautiful places so just keep looking until you know you have absolutely found the right place. I would also pick out your bridesmaids dresses soon. I know it's early but this way you can give them a date to get the dresses by AND they have time to budget for it.... believe me they will thank you for this. I would start looking for your dress as well. Once I got my dress it helped me to pick out my wedding colors and bm's dresses, flower girl dresses, etc. My main piece of advice is ask lots of questions at EVERY venue you go to and write them all down so you can go back and compare. Good Luck!! Here is an example wedding check list.

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    Have a clear wedding vision, a budget to match, and list of what you and your fiance' want and DON'T want (to avoid confusion or strife down the road), and a notebook (this will hold all your ideas, plans, pictures, swatches, brochures, business cards, etc). Go to Start looking at venues and vendors, and once you found ones you like book them, but wait until about a year in advance for vendors. If you need money saving tips, email me. I am having a $5,000 wedding so I have plenty of tricks and creative ides up my sleeve.

    Good luck!

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    I'm in the same situation!

    Start planning a budget (at least a rough idea of how much)

    General idea of where you want to get married

    Plan ideas of photography spots

    Figure out what type of wedding you'd like--elegant, huge, chapel, beach, informal

    Pick out a color scheme

    Get ideas for music for the ceremony and reception--the special songs

    Hope that helps. You can even look for dress styles, but you don't want your dress to be out of style when you wear it 1.5 years from now! Congrats!

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    First off go to the book store and pick up a wedding planning book. Open up to the page with a suggested timeline... it have made my life soooooooo much easier.

    Basically at this stage in the game just start looking at halls or places that you would like to have a ceremony and reception. You could also look into a florist depending on the size of the city you live in.

    Good luck and congrats!

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    We are looking to get married an about a year and I have been looking for ideas for a few weeks now. I don’t think it is ever too early to start planning. Besides, I think the earlier you plan the more realistic your budget will be with room to breathe. In addition, it may take you months to find a caterer and a baker. Not to mention the perfect location, favors, and decorations for your theme on your budget. It takes forever to find outfits for events; I cannot imagine how long it will take me to find a wedding dress.

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    Im in the same boat...9/9/09. We are taking a few months off from the wedding stuff because we just got engaged. We want to enjoy being an engaged couple for a few months...then we will work on budget, guests, and venues

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    I began doing research on venues and all sorts of stuff before he even asked! It won't be pushy unless you are constantly bombarding him with questions. I say the more you do early the less you'll have to stress about later and you'll save a ton buy doing your homework! I am hiring an art student to do photos to save there and making chocolate favor boxes to save money there!

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    these are the top three:

    pick site for reception

    pick site for ceremony ( if you are not doing a traditional church wedding)

    decide where you want to honey moon

    the rest of the stress:

    decide on who you would like in your wedding party depending how big you want your wedding party to be.

    pick colors

    start getting decorations or your wedding planner

    decide on what type of food you want to have


    groom & bride cake

    make your guest list

    pick out invitations

    pick three wedding dress you'll be interested in and narrow it down to one

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    If you buy decorations, and order things early it could save money in the long run, and try booking you location early so you have a guarenteed place

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