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Why do people find it necessary to tear down the brand of bike that someone rides?

I have been riding motorcycles for almost 40 years.I have owned suzukis,yamahas,hondas, even a bultaco dirt bike.I choose to ride harleys now just because i like them!But i never cared what folks rode just was glad to see them riding.Didn't matter to me if it was jap british italian american...etc.But it pisses me off to see people on here bash people for what they own.WTF do you care?Do you have to pay for it?Do you have to fix it if it breaks?Is it envy cause you don't have one?i have a 1956 panhead i've owned for 31 years.I dearly love that old leaky cranky vibrating piece of classic iron.It has more soul than any of you bike bashing punks.I might not like what a person rides but i would never ever try to tear them down and make what they ride seem wrong to be on.Y'all ought to be ashamed.


this isn't meant to the people that just try to answer questions and help people.this for the one's that can't wait to cut someone down you know who you are

Update 2:

as jason asked nope this doesn't pertain just to harleys it's a two way street as you state i have seen harley riders bash others bikes it's wrong no matter who does it about what kind of bike

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    It relates to the basher's basic insecurity. If he or she can demonstrate superiority by berating you for your "stupid" choice, and revealing to all the world that you are a fool for riding that awful motorcycle, then he or she has attained a superior position relative to you, and by extension everyone else riding that brand. Quite a big deal for someone with terribly low self esteem.

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    I hope you aren't taking the stance that the bashing is only toward Harley's. It goes both ways. I've owned an 86' Harley Sportster and admittedly, of all the bikes I've owned it had the worse handling, the worse braking, the worse acceleration while repairs and parts were often and expensive. With all this in mind, yes, it had soul and was just fun to ride and it just gives you "bad to the bone" feeling.

    Now, I also have had and currently own several classic Suzuki's including two I currently own. Never a problem and great performance even at nearly 30 years old. Both are 80's, I mostly ride my GS850. Since it's not new, and covered in plastic I'm sure I'm criticized behind my back by some but usually I get, "nice bike" as it is very clean and many Gixxer riders can see the heritage in this bike. But the worse bashing of all I have gotten came from Harley riders..."what is that Jap piece of crap?", my friends family, "get that Jap bike out of my driveway." and a few punks in a small town walking down the sidewalk just recently "GET A HARLEY."

    The only bike I own that seems to have universal respect is my 71 Norton Commando. It embodies the emotions of the thundering twin yet it's cafe racer style appeals the the sporties as the "original sport bike". Even the bmw guys like it and you know what they are like.

    You must admit, MOST bikers are respectful of all bikers. There is a kinship to go along with being on two wheels. The "my dad's tougher than your dad", thing has been ingrained in us at a young age. Some people just take longer to grow up.

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    I think a lot of it comes down to the person's insecurity. By telling others they have crap, they feel what they have is better. That's the kind of stuff my friends and I did when in grade school, arguing about whether John Deere was better than Case or International and if a Ford pickup was better than Chevy or Dodge.

    Both of my bikes are kind of oddballs. My '79 Kawasaki KZ1000 shaft has taken me all over the US and never once left me stranded or walking. When I got my other oddball, a Kawasaki Voyager XIII (6 cylinder), I didn't even consider selling the 1000. I know it sounds stupid, but I figured it deserved better after all the years of service it provided.

    I also have a couple of Studebaker cars, more oddballs. There's certainly better cars and bikes around than what I have, but they all suit my wants and needs. I figure if some guy finds a chopped Harley suits his needs, that's fine. If the next guy likes sportbikes, that's also fine. The bashers out there need to grow up.

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    Very good question/statement, First and foremost I AM A MOTORCYCLIST and I appreciate everything on two wheels.

    I have always helped my fellow riders regardless of what model bike they ride. I own a Sport Bike but I currently ride with all makes of bikes, Italian, German, Japanese and American.

    I believe that most Pro-Harley members here don't even own a bike.

    What pisses me off the most is when I tell somebody that I own a 2000 Kawasaki ZX 1100 and they say "Why don't you own a real bike" referring that a Harley is a real bike. Now granted that 90% of these people have never ridden a real bike I find it fruitless to explain to them that my so called un-real bike pumps out more horsepower and is quicker and faster than any Production Harley.

    I respect Harley Davidson and they are the best at what they do which is create an Image.

    When I come here and bash Harley Davidson it is all in good fun and if you take it to heart and not with a grain of salt then you have a problem, remember it is only words.

    Good Luck

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    This is from an old codger who has only ridden 56 years, lived in 4 different countries, ridden 1/2 million miles, done drag racing, dirt racing, and Bonneville speed trials. Also have operated a motorcycle repair facility since 1955. During this time, I have met hundreds of riders, bikers, and tramps. I have always made a study of "Why" things work, including people. I feel that the short answer to your question is one word - "PRIDE". Americans, more than any other people I know are inclined to think anything they own is "Best", not based on any hard facts, except that "It's mine, so it is the Best" Note - that this is different from "It is best, thats the reason I own it." I have owned and ridden many different bikes, some bad, some good a couple of great ones. Not to say others would agree with my choice, I do not ask. or expect them to always agree. I have friends and customers who ride most everything imaginable. All are welcome, if you come in with an attitude of "Best because its mine", and get obnoxious about it, you go out. I deal in hard facts, have a load of broken parts in back to show who is strong, who is weak.

    All being considered, most modern bikes are as good as the care the owner gives them. I can ride what I please, do not even ride a 'new' bike. I have one I really like, you can have yours. Do not brag about yours, do not bash mine. I will do the same. I am like you and your Panhead. I had one back in 1954, was a worn out piece of junk when I got it. Put a '47 - 74 knuckle engine in it, became a really nice ride. Still nothing I would brag about, but was transportation.

    So, give others the respect you want. Their ride means as much to them, as yours does to you. If you do not have a ride - KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!!!! , othen that a compliment.

    A friend in Europe said, from his observations, while traveling here, that Americans are the worlds living experts, on what is on the end of their noses, but can not see to their hands. Think about it.


    Source(s): Still here, living it.
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    I couldn't see a question here but I liked the content. I've been riding for 48yrs. 1 Triumph and a bunch of HDs, present one is a 08 Streetglide. which has nothing to do with anything. I have to agree with the part about jealous people that probobaly never rode anything. If your happy with what u ride, shut up and ride it, don't be putting others down be cause they like something else.

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    From the first time Triumps & Nortons first showed up we have heard that kind of stuff about imports and it comes from them

    It should be clear if we have Harleys we could have any bike on the market ,we want can they say the same thing prob not

    Read the post here in truth and im not saying none but how many would not trade their bike for a harley

    Its just down to choice like Mag said just ride what you have if you like it

    Almost like ordering a meal in a restaurant do you ;ook at the price or getting what you really want to eat ?/

    If I want steak I will order steak But sometimes I just feel like a grilled cheese sand..Same with bikes if I want a 200 mph jap bike I would have one

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    it is just ignorance on there part ,I currently chose to ride an H-D Sportster 883 and don't care what others say about it ,my first bike was a 78 Kawasaki KZ650cc,then a 79 Honda XLT250cc enduro ,to me it doesn't matter what your riding as long as your enjoying a bike that you are happy with I have friends that ride GSXR1000 and also BMW ,I wave to every bike I pass by in the end we are all part of the same circle the only differance is what each of us chose to make the journey on so happy riding to everyone

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    why do ford lovers bash chevy? chevy lovers bash ford? etc etc ?

    human nature, mostly lack of maturity, envy, missplaced loyalty. Take your pick.

    I know what you mean though. I've owned just about every brand, and most models of bikes.I've built a couple of my own as well. I don't run someone elses ride down. I think all brands have good and bad points. I ride what I like, and don't lose any sleep over what others think.

    Source(s): in 42 years of riding, I have owned 26 bikes. The last 5 have all been Harley's. In the end, it doesn't matter what you ride, as long as you ride.
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    I never cut down another person's ride. You ride what you like and can afford.

    Like you, I have owned several different style bikes over the years.

    I currently ride a Suzuki Intruder. I like cruiser bikes now that I am older.

    I own the Suzuki because that is what I can afford.

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