What does "PK" in Tawainese term mean? Thanks.?

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    It originates from the online gaming term "player killing", in which a PKer is game player who delibratesly hunts down other player.

    In Taiwanese slang terms, it has been modified slightly to represent the following:

    1)"Elimination"/"harsh competition"

    ex: PK games/compeition = elimination games.

    2) "V.S./Challange"

    ex: "Hilary PKs Obama" = Hilary takes on/challanges Obama.


    ex: many online debate boards may be refered to as ________PK. Yahoo Debates forum can be refered to as Yahoo PK.

    The general idea is that any situation where "one takes on another" applies.

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    What Does Pk Stand For

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    to PK someone in Taiwan is to compete with them. Similar to the VS. (versus) acronym. In English first language countries to PK is to kill other 'avatars' controlled by other 'meat' humans on the other side of different computers in an online game.

    As one person said above it evolved from the online gaming term Player Killer, and has morphed into an anogolous form most likely due to most people not knowing the proper (prior) terminology and just using what they came in contact with through their online gaming experiences. So you see it on TV and it makes you cringe but hey, its their culture.

    This is my PK against you! (to compete against)

    Tom PK Annie (Tom is competing against Annie)

    Obama PK Hilary (this is actually shown on the news.)

    In online game shorthanded terms Obama PK Hilary would actually mean that an avatar named Obama has killed Hilary. Thus I find it amusing that reputable news sources would show this as a headline- it brings images of Obama wielding a BFG and turning Hilary into red meaty mush until she can respawn at some other random point to be fragged again.

    But, hey! Its Taiwan! Nobody cares!

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    There was a song: Okie from Muskogee, by Merle Haggard, 1969, about a person from Muskogee, Oklahoma. Okie is an old slang for a person who lives in Oklahoma.

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    People's Kuomintang?

    Sounds like an oxymoron -.-

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    Yes it means to challange... gd explanation as above.


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