How many violations do you need before Yahoo take your id away ?

I think it's my turn to be targeted. I've tried to appeal, but I'm not holding my breath !!


I've had 3 today, 2 of which were already resolved 2 days ago !!

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    There's no limit it just depends who's desk gets' the erport e-mail at Yahoo or who's there looking for things!

    Could be just the one, don't worry about it!

    Edit: Appeal against it and if you succeed you may get a Brucie bonus of 10 points!!LOL

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    I have been here on Yahoo Answers a long time. Don't let the date on My Account fool You. This is actually My Seventh Account (The previous six having been deleted by Yahoo) The plain fact is that there is no set number of Violations that get You Suspended/Deleted. You can get Deleted for just one if it's the wrong kind of Violation, let Me explain, there are several different kinds of Violations on Y!A. Some are much more serious than others...examples

    The Most Serious

    Harrassment or Abuse towards another Member

    (Just one or two of these and You're Toast)

    Next Step Down

    Phishing, Fraud

    (One or Two of these and again, Toast)

    Next Level Down


    (5 to 10 0f these and Your Day is Done)

    The Bottom Rung

    (Chatting, Not a Q or A)

    (These are minor violations, You can rack up literally DOZENS and not get suspended, I have at least 40 of this type against My current Account right now and I'm still here)

    Hope I was of some service to You. And Appealing only works about 20% of the time. Out of every 100 Appeals about 20 are overturned by Yahoo, so You're right to "Not hold You're breath"

  • There's not a specific amount of violations a user will receive before his or her account is suspended. It all depends of the severity of the violation. For instance, if a user is reported for chatting, that user's account most likely will NOT be suspended. However, if a user is reported for posting a deceptive link that causes a computer virus, then I would think, and hope, that Yahoo would terminate that person's Y!A account.

    Y!A's FAQ says that a question or answer will be removed if it's reported by one or more "reliable users." If the circumstance is more serious then the Answers staff may remove a question or answer themselves after reviewing it. However, the majority of the time they're just automatically removed and violation notices are issued, because of the way the Y!A system is designed. I personally feel the whole reporting/violation system needs to be changed because innocent questions and answers will be reported/removed while others, that are extremely offensive, are left alone. PLUS, I know that there are waaaaaay too many trolls disguised as "reliable users" who are out to get other users they don't like by wrongfully reporting them.

    Furthermore, people who state their opinions are being reported as well. And Y!A says that having a strong opinion is NOT a justifiable reason for reporting someone. They just ask that users "do not use slurs to refer to groups of people, do not insult other members, and do not act in a belligerent manner towards others" when stating their opinions. Unfortunately other users still do report opinionated questions or answers regardless of the fact that they don't violate any of the community guidelines. This is EXTREMELY frustrating because honest Y!A users shouldn't have to pay the price for report happy trolls!

    Source(s): Are questions and answers automatically deleted when they are reported? What is a troll? When does a strong opinion become a violation? Answers Community Guidelines
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    This is also a question that has been going around in my mind.

    Believe it or not...I have had quite a few violations and questions removed. last one was when I asked in current events about the stormy weather which was very current in the news that morning. Got near 70 answers too.

    Goodness knows how many it takes but I will never be surprised if it happens. Evil minded people out there.

    And I'm not even bad...I wonder what I'd be like if I were to be bad?..No pun intended....Yeah right! lmao

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    It depends on what mood YA is in Kirst, as Whipass Chick I had 6 or 7 some days, then I didn't have any for about 4wks, then before you know it I had 2 in one day and my account was suspended, Whip 2 only got 2 violations and that was the end of her!

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    There is no limits as to the number of violations notices required before a user's yahoo answers account is suspended.

    Considering that all account suspensions are coordinated by the yahoo answers customer care team, it is believed that the frequency and severity of violation are considered when a user's account is suspended from the service.

    Users who post adult content for example may merit the instant suspension of their account, while a user who is found to be chatting should always only receive a violation notice.

    This is not to say that having many violation notices may not merit the suspension of your account, however I know users who have had at least sixty violation notices and are still here.

    Just take each notice as a small warning

    All the best


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    that's all it takes in some situations.

    I did not keep count on my previous accounts but the average was about 10 violation.

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    I have heard it takes the mysterious amount of " a lot " to get your account deleted. I am sorry that people have targeted you. It seems to be very common on Y!A. Check your contacts. See if anyone who doesn't like you has added you to watch your Q&As. I had several do that. I had to block them. Hopefully things will settle down.

    Starring this to watch the answers.

    Edit: I am on my first account. I have had 6 or more questions violated. Even more answers violated, so its way more than 3 violations.

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    Kirst I'm waiting to find out myself!! I've had violations for light hearted jokes to a question there is no sense of humour with some users

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    I received a violation notice today for a question I wrote yesterday, i have no idea why, its was a question, it wasn't racist, sexist, i wasn't insulting or using swear words, yet I still got reported. Something needs to be done about this.

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