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Is there good latose free cheese?

Looking for something that melts well. This would be for pizza, tacos or to put on top of spaghetti / other sauces. Low fat content is a must. A good substitute would be acceptable too. This is for my 10 y.o.

Thanks in advance


Thank you all so much. This is exactly the info I am looking for to help my son. This is still kind of new to me....

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    Soy cheeses are lactose free, although most are not vegan as they contain casein, a dairy protein that helps the cheese melt. I'm not a cheese freak, but some vegan friends swear by Vegan Gourmet's Follow Your Heart cheese. It goes well on pizza, although it's best when melted.

    To top your pasta dishes, there are vegan parmesan brands or you can use nutritional yeast, which you can find at any natural foods store. Nutritional yeast is a yellow flaky food that has a cheesy flavor. Check out Joanne Stepaniak's "The Uncheese Cookbook" for tips on lactose-free cheese and cheesy dishes.

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    Be careful if you have an allergy and don't get anything made with casein. That's the protein that causes the allergy; it's ok for lactose-intolerant people but not if you have an allegry. Most of the dairy free cheeses aren't that great. Tofutti is alright. The powdered cheeses you can't tell the difference, like Soymage Parmesan and Road's End Mac and ChReese.

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    Hi! I'm lactose intolerant, as well.

    You know, there really isn't a substitute. There's soy cheese, but it is just not tasty.

    Best thing to do is to use regular cheese, and for that meal give your child Lactaid tablets before, which contain the enzyme we are missing. It's really the best thing, because then s/he can still enjoy regular food like pizza and lasagne!

    There are no side effects or anything from using Lactaid, it's over the counter and seems expensive, but where I'm from, it does go on sale at least once a month.

    I just try to plan meals so I'm not using Lactaid more than once a day - usually every two.

    There is also Lactaid milk, but I find it way too sweet!

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    Cheese made from Goat's or Sheep's milk doesn't have Lactose in it. There are also cow's milk cheeses made with Lactose-free milk, but they're kind of expensive.

    hard cheeses that have been aged for a long time (for ex. Hard Cheddar) have minimal Lactose, so he might be able to tolerate them.

    Last resort, Lactase enzyme pills (Lactaid) work very well for me.

    Source(s): Lactose Intolerant since 1996
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    you can make your own nondairy cheese for sauce on pizza or macaroni

    1 cup of water

    1 cup of cashews raw

    puree till smooth

    add 2 oz of pimentos

    1 tsp onion powder

    1 tsp garlic salt

    1 tsp salt

    2 tablespoons of nutritional yeast

    1 1/2 tsp corn starch

    puree in blender with cashew milk pour over cooked noodles or use indsted of cheese in lasagna.

    if you use in lasagna and you need to add cottage cheese you can add tofu cottage cheese and keep the dairy out.

    tofu cottage cheese

    1 lb tofu (water packed) crumbled

    1 pack of tofu mori nu firm

    2 tab water

    1 tsp onion powder

    1/2 tsp garlic powder

    1 tsp salt

    blend mori nu tofu with water and seasonings till smooth.

    pour over crumbled wather packed tofu.

    add 1.2 to 1 tsp salt to taste and stir till blended.

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