what is the differece between elcb and rccb?

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    ELCB- Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker

    ELCB = Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker. There are two types of ELCB, the voltage operated device and the differential current operated device. For the convenience of this article only (and at the risk of causing even more confusion) I will refer to these as vELCB and iELCB. vELCBs were first introduced about sixty years ago and iELCBs were first introduced about forty years ago.

    RCCB- Residual Current Circuit Breaker

    Residual Current Device (RCD) to differential current operated ELCBs. Residual current refers to any current over and above the load current.

    The RCD is now the preferred means of providing shock protection, and the term RCD has largely replaced ELCB within the industry. Unfortunately, the RCD industry has had considerable difficulty in shaking off the old association with ELCBs, and many electrical contractors still ask for an ELCB when in fact they want an RCD. Hopefully this article will remove some of the confusion.

    RCD = Residual Current Device. This is a generic term for the entire range of RCDs.

    RCCB = Residual Current Circuit Breaker. This is basically a mechanical switch with an RCD function added to it. Its sole function is to provide protection against earth fault currents.

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    ELCB;-Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker

    Standard electromechanical RCCBs are designed to operate on normal supply waveforms and cannot be guaranteed to operate where none standard waveforms are generated by loads. The most common is the half wave rectified waveform sometimes called pulsating dc generated by speed control devices, semi conductors, computers and even dimmers.

    RCCB:-Residual Current Circuit Breaker

    Difference between ELCB and RCCB

    ELCB is the old name and often refers to voltage operated devices that are no longer available and it is advised you replace them if you find one.

    RCCB or RCD is the new name that specifies current operated (hence the new name to distinguish from voltage operated).

    The new RCCB is best because it will detect any earth fault. The voltage type only detects earth faults that flow back through the main earth wire so this is why they stopped being used.

    The easy way to tell an old voltage operated trip is to look for the main earth wire connected through it.

    RCCB will only have the line and neutral connections.

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    ELCB is a device that is used to detect a leaking current from an installation when the power is cut while RCCB is an electric device that disconnects the power when the flow of power is not balanced at phase.


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