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How do i say this in Mandarin: I tried calling her phone for three days but nobody answers. I am worried.?

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    我试着给她打电话已经三天了,但是没有人接,我在担心她。(wo shi zhe gei ta da dian hua san tian le,dan shi mei you ren jie,wo zai dan xin ta).

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    echinese is quite right (but i think the different sentences sound a little disjointed)

    this will give it a better flow:


    wo chang shi da ta de dian hua san tian le, dan mei you ren jie ting. zhen rang wo dan xin.

    Source(s): spoke mandarin all my life :)
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    wo da dian hua ge ta san tian liao, dan se mei you ren jie. wo hen dan xing.

  • salut
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    1 decade ago

    Kristen has it spot on. It is best so far.

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