Why has homelessness become such a problem, what can we do to combat it?

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    You need to look at the causes of homelessness to be able to understand it.

    Many people become homeless due to family break ups of some kind, financial problems and other social problems.

    70% of homeless people in the UK were infact serving members of our Armed Forces. They have become homless due to abandonment from OUR govenment after they have served their time - some have huge mental health issues as a result of combat.

    Not all homeless people are drug/alcohol addicts but you tend to find that once a person is homeless they will turn to alcohol as a way of coping etc.

    With the cost of living forever rising and the increase of immigrants into the UK, we are creating our own problems.

    It is harder and harder for homeless people to get help due to the high volume of funding taken up by immigrants or non uk residents!

    The shelters we have for homless people have rigid guidelines they need to stick to, for example, they are not allowed to admit anyone into a night shelter who appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

    For many homless people, they are living in a catch 22 situation. To be able to get a job, you need a perminant address. To be able to afford a FA (fixed abode), you need money!

    You also have to consider the homeless persons attitude towards shelter. Some people have been living on the streets for a number of years and sad as it may seem are instatutionalised as a result. the mere thought of living in a house may actuall scare them.

    Unfortunalty homelessness has been a problem in the UK for many years and our government try to wash their hands of this. After all it is the British way to lift up the carpet and sweep all the problems under it. By helping other nations WE are ignoring our own problems. Surely charity starts at home?

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    Firstly, health insurance needs to be offered to every citizen and it should cover treatment for drug and alcohol rehab. No one wakes up one day and decides to be an addict, we all make mistakes and homeless people are no different. Many of them are addicted to alcohol or a drug and have spent their life savings on pleasing that addiction. It's a disease and it should be treated like one. Secondly, health insurance needs to cover psychological care as well and psychiatric hospitals need to be monitored more regularly to ensure safe and meaningful treatment of psychological disorders. I think that those two things would cut back greatly on the homeless population because it offers rehabilitation for them. Thirdly, US cities should offer jobs such as cleaning up the parks and such that would help them get back on their feet and they could use as a stepping stone to get into the work field again.

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    Too many people trying to make money from selling houses, especially to 2nd home owners.

    Also the local councils selling off the housing stock to make short term gains.

    Plus greed on the part of the developers.

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    Part of the reason was Thachers policy of selling off Local Authority Houses,Furthermore with the break up of the family unit in our culture we have far more single people occupying their own homes.

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    hate to take the cowards way out but I think the Government has much to do with it , they are worried about other countries homless more then ours...and there isn't much we can do. I know I can't afford to help, I scrape by as it is.. I hope this was a serious question.. lol

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    there needs to be a program through the government that a person that is homeless can apply to and receive help, money, food and shelter....instead of wasting money on welfare for people that are lazy, that would help people out more.

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    National service/Conscription (Mandatory placement into the armed forces) should be brought back in..

    They would earn a good wage and be sheltered and fed.

    And after their service is complete they would have a stable foundry to build on.

    If we start now im sure it could bode well for the future.

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    Charity begins at home...if our government stopped sending money out to Africa and other countries who never see the benefit of it anyway, and began helping the underprivileged and needy in our own country first, then maybe we'd be in a more promising situation. xx

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    Because people like my father, who think one house is not enough, and so 10+ are needed, the poor ones dont have a place to live.


  • Create an island and send everyone who is homeless there.

    It would be a tropical island with hammocks.

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